Consciousness of the Goddess. View from the side of the Mother principle of creation

Our Earth has a women's mind and is life-creative. It provides everything for life and growth, provides, but does not impose. The experience of love from Mother Earth is characterized by awe about life with a grateful acceptance of what is. The mother can take a break from the hustle and taste the beauty of life. Goddess of Life symbolizes the value of existence as such.

It teaches people to revere the secret development, we can feel the process of birth (birth) of something new, but do not try to open it. In all the earth there is a mystery of creation, the element of mystery. If a person catches it, it is much easier to live and the situation is revealed in unexpected ways. And the thing is that we caught the mystery of what is happening, do not solve it, but just noticed. At this point, a mystery within us can understand the mystery of life. Secret understanding can not be described in words, but moral certainty is not going anywhere. The situation is beginning to emerge in the destiny of man.

Feminine in understanding the cycles and spiral development, because the cycles are spiral development (growth). Ages provided in wildlife cycles. So watching them, knowing them, perceiving their isolation, we are actually dealing with eternity.

All our mistakes start from illiterate to themselves. From misunderstanding of processes that occur in them. Understand yourself helps observation and analysis of life. Our failures and troubles are related primarily to the neglect of the vertical links ("Heaven-Earth") as a measure of the relationship — a relationship to his mother and to himself. As you respect and value your life do you see to the woman, to himself, (a female) or female, if you're a man.

When a person begins to seek knowledge about life and death, the spiritual growth of the Creator, he is informed, and coming to the point where it may be a manifestation of the Mother Goddess in the three-dimensional world. Under the action of the Goddess, the bad can not be, the person thus acting correctly and not straining (as if everything was done to him.) Observe the action of the Goddess on a person can be — it appears childishness, but also shows the soil and thoroughness. This energy is most desired by the people, for it says, "Relax, calm down, everything was okay. Maybe you are not very noticeable. After all, you generally used to look through the distorting mirror and through a "keyhole". But I'm a mother saying that all is going well. Life will develop and come to what is to come. Stop fuss. Lie down and relax, everything is done for you. "

Life is not "annoying" person — a person "strains" of life. This is because the human race in its mass is below the level of understanding, which he can control his life process, but control is very desirable. In the end, beating his head on the wall, to fill his bumps, but does not understand why he can not live the way he wants. Limitations of consciousness does not allow a person to see the whole picture, so he has to rely on a mother's love to call her for help and do not forget to thank.

How blind kitten's mother will send his child to where he would be safe and well-fed, because the mother sees and knows what he does not know the child. Now Goddess accelerates your vibration by law cyclical switching to a different level of development, thus healing the lives of their children, helping them grow faster. Provides the ability to see the light, healing them, giving the opportunity to become more self-realization.

Anyone who does not want to know his integrity and will only consumer playboy, leave this planet and be reborn in a world where energy is denser, which will correspond to its low vibration. Where are suffering as a lesson well-off, for he made his choice. And those who did not make a choice? This is also a choice, for inaction generates action.

Those who want to wake up in eternity, need to wake up now.

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