The Company may find it useful and interesting to read the tabloids. "Bild", for example, or the "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus".

"Head Equipment Manager of the school janitor's closet killed."

"Lady Gaga makes cowards of the letters of their fans."

"Mushrooms seized power over the ants another 48 million years ago."

Stories, hiding under the headings of this kind, not only evoke dirty fantasies, but often induce serious and thoughtful. Life in the yellow light of a fun and dynamic, like the Wild West, no adnastaynastsi, no dullness, one bright yellow, everyone has a chance to be a hero, if not the main, then at least to get into the background — as a witness, as the old woman on a bench near under 'congress. Boring is prohibited, each must have its own chip, even after death.

For example, if you are having children, then these children is not nothing good happens: they either killed or raped, whether give them the name "Adolf Hitler", or their dad is celebrating its hundredth birthday: At best, they fall from the ninth floor, or their mother is shot in a porno movie. Death, laughter and trash here always go together, as a police patrol, and see to it that the world has not got yellow is banal.

Death, laughter and debris.

Personally, I like the story of a retired major, who had a secret life stamatalegii lot. Upon his retirement, he finally decided to make their dreams come true. Armed with a used a drill, glue "Moment", bought on the market with forceps, wire and children's plasticine, he undertook to treat teeth neighbors. Home practice did not last long — as long as one of the major patients not submitted to the court …

One shudders to think what would have made a major, if felt a calling to surgery — or engaged in, say, or ginekalegiyay vralegiyay, or thought up to give advice on contraception. On the other hand — yellowing of the story arguable.

One major-dentist had before, except for some simple

Lack of knowledge, passion and faith.

"Dental" device, three things without which medicine would never have medicine: lack of knowledge, passion and faith. Of them all began, they and only they were in the hands of the man when he began to treat their own kind, and think seriously about how to prevent them to be fruitful and multiply.

Henry Gray (1825-1861). Anatomy of the Human Body. 1918

People are born not only alive, before they are born survivors. To the person was born, initially he needs to avoid contraception. Mankind has survived, the people — those who were not killed contraception.

Those who are not killed contraception.

A survivor's always nice to know about the devices and habits of the death, which they passed. They love to go back there, where they were on the verge of death. Death and sex — all this provides us with an excess of yellow press. Or — with equal success — a brief history of contraceptives, the tale of how we struggled with lack of knowledge, faith and passion.

It is, apparently, not to focus on the biblical unjustly wronged Anonymous (which has been doing just that in working with women to love one, spermu spilled on the ground — and went down in history as a pioneer of masturbation) and go directly to ancient China, where women to avoid apladnennya, swallowed pieces of heated mercury in oil — and it was quite successful means, as is well known, mercury toxicity and no good them with living organisms takes place. However, this is, as we see, has not prevented the Chinese to become the largest nation on the planet. In ancient Egypt, the main method of contraception did not look radically: before sexual intercourse woman introduced into the vagina a mixture of honey and crocodile shit: the decisive role played crap — because of its high kislotnastsi. In general, crap crocodile spermitsydam can be considered the first in the history of mankind — at least the first whose existence is recorded in writing.

Locust from Ephesus, the Greek gynecologist who practiced in Rome sometime in the II-III century, advised women after close to cough, blow your nose and jump in place to precede pregnancy. Other Greek doctors recommended thrust into the vagina half a pomegranate —

Advise women after intimacy.

the same way, but with a slice of lemon, is widely used in Europe until the Enlightenment: of course, in places where there was no shortage of lemons. In Persia, with the same goals, women used the sponge Directions Wet alcohol, iodine, Karbolit and quinine. Arab nomads, who long ago figured out that the stone laid in the bosom of a camel, prevents her from bringing litter, enjoyed this experience with regard to women: as an intrauterine contraceptive offered them glass beads, pearls, ebony, pieces of iron, horsehair and other prototypes future diaphragms, caps with lyateksu.

Gustav Klimt. Danae. 1907

I do not know where, and in Germany to parents Condoms called Italian Gabriele Falepie (even in the names you hear something-what-that is). The very title sounds pretty ridiculous, because Dr. Conde (or, according to other sources, Contant) invented his famous kantratseptyv only a hundred years after Falepie. Dr. Falepie, the discoverer not only condoms but also named in his honor tubes in the female body, he taught at the University of Padua — just a few decades after, as it finished Skoryna.

To more like women.

Who knows, maybe they were familiar with. One began to publish books, and the other has experienced the invention of a device for 1000 paduantsav — the results were stunning. Prezervatyv Falepiya had 20 centimeters long, was made Linen and fastened a pink ribbon — according to contemporaries, "so more like women." Falepie strongly protested against the fact that he invented a device named in his honor, he was enough of pipes, he obviously remembered the story of the Annan and feared that the descendants of what not to mess up — maybe that's why the hours of Italian doctors Condoms no one remembered.

However, prezervatyv originally intended not for contraceptive purposes, but only to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Using it slowly entered into vogue, and because of the inconvenience. Falepie device was still relatively humane — many are forced to use a thick, rough Condoms from the intestines of animals and products made from fish bladders.

English physician Conde, in fact, too, did not act in order to bring happiness to mankind — he was ordered to devise a remedy that would protect the king from syphilis. He took the sheep's intestine, smeared with oil — and that's in A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (London, 1785) is already such an article, "Conde — dried sheep gut, which put men during intercourse to prevent infection." In the same century, when Dr. candidate breast has risen in defense of their king, less nimble British doctors have begun the first in the world spends vazektamiyu — relentlessly tough and nonetheless efficiently.

Contraceptives prezervatyv was only in the early twentieth century, when the male part of humanity has finally figured out to how to produce quality tires for their cars, wives, mistresses, and condoms.

God has retired.

Paradoxically, the spread of contraceptives warmly welcomed feminist, who became their first victims: for example, at the beginning of the twentieth century in New York shut down the clinic, organized by feminist Margaret Senzher for immorality — found there Condoms and various suspicious literature: the operating instructions of contraceptives.

Soon after the Second World War, an era of total oral contraceptive barrier yes, that is not so interesting … No one is ingested mercury and flirty pink ribbon tied linen bags. Humanity is completely privatized and sex god resigned to finally take his invocation — who knows what.

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