Cost of Japanese F-35 CAN zashkalivalo

Cost of Japanese F-35 CAN zashkalivalo
Last Japanese defense minister, «architect» buy American F-35 fighter Satoshi Morimoto (Satoshi Morimoto) in an interview with Defense News (June 10) expressed the view that in today’s acquisition criteria in order to contain China may linger low pressure of the yen against to the U.S. greenback. Japan plans to buy 42 stealth fighter.
The course of the national currency in the last 6 months fell to 100 yen per dollar. Planned to buy the first four aircraft at the rate of 83 yen to the dollar, in other words, for 10.2 billion yen at the rate of 124 million dollars per unit, which is still superior to the initial rate, which was 9.9 billion yen.
Japan must purchase four aircraft in 2017, 38 other produce by local contractors led by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. All 42 aircraft planned to be in service by 2021, but these plans can take up to 2023.
«The problem is that we are competing for air supremacy with Russia and China, because we can not postpone purchases for more than three years. I think the most we can for ourselves, it is the delay of less than a year or two, «said Morimoto. Prepyadstviya decision on the views of the former defense minister, may consist of the yearly variation in procurement based on the appreciation of the yen against the dollar.
Defense Ministry spokesman Takaaki It (Takaaki Ohno) stated that programm encompassing procurement of F-35 is being developed. «We recognize that the F-35A contains within itself the most leading technology, but we also recognize the fact that the plane is still in the development stage. But no matter what happens with this program that we will closely cooperate with the U.S., «he said.
«This is a very big problem for Japanese taxpayers. People wonder whether Japan can and allow yourself to purchase these fighters? «Says military analyst Shinichi Kiyotani (Shinichi Kiyotani). Problem exacerbated by the fact that Japan will finance small-scale creation, in other words, local production costs may from time to time will be two higher than in the U.S..
The Ministry of Defence is committed to purchase the first 10 fighters small tranches on a «four — two — four,» that does not contribute to a decrease in the price of purchased aircraft.
BBC Land of the Rising Sun plan to upgrade 20 fighter F-15J/DJ and «an unspecified number» F-2 to parry threats from adjacent states. This year, six F-15 fighters and a certain amount of F-2 provides improved radar, medium-range missiles «air-to-air» and the communication system.

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