Cried the court took the journalist to consider the claim against the police

Krichevsky District Court received a complaint Krycheu independent publisher of the newspaper "Free City" by Vladimir Kudryavtsev. Journalist accuses the three officers of the district police in wanton confiscation of 297 copies of the latest issue of his publication. Moreover the prosecutor asked the identity of the plainclothes, who participated in the arrest Courier newspaper.

Vladimir Kudryavtsev wants to recover from the District Department of Interior 5,000,000 rubles for infringement of moral rights enshrined in the Constitution: the right to freedom of opinion and expression, the right to disseminate complete, reliable and timely information.

On August 31 the judge Antonina Kachanova Vladimir Kudryavtsev caused to the court.

"It is clear that they do not want to consider the complaint, but we have fulfilled all the formal remarks, which exposed us to judge. Even the police witnessed a protocol under which the newspaper had been arrested. This is sort of a miracle, but we know that our judicial system spalityzavanaya "- said Vladimir Kudryavtsev.

In early August, Judge Antonin Kachanova stopped the procedure for preparing a complaint Kudryavtseva and demanded that within ten days he witnessed the police a copy of the protocol and confirmed that the newspaper "Free City" exists in Krichevo, and that it was he the publisher.

The police confiscated the newspaper, holding a courier to her on June 9.

The main theme of the room was arrested article "NTV destroyed the reputation of President Lukashenko," Pavel Sheremet with the comment about the controversial film "The Godfather."

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