Crop Circles

Michael Hezemann (Germany)
Translated from German by Arina Nikolaeva
Epistle sent to other worlds. It is hard to imagine there will be a response, and if so, in what form. Or maybe he has already come? About mysterious circles and pictograms on wheat fields written and said a lot. Yet researchers, defending any version, in our opinion, are not convincing enough. There are still, and Orthodox, to write off all these tricks of art on our earthly "craftsmen." But the German journalist, publisher, and ufologist Michael Hezemann he decided to travel to places of intriguing events and interview witnesses and investigators of the phenomenon. Material prepared on the basis of this trip and interviews with respected experts on crop circles, the author kindly offered to "Terminator." By publishing this material, we hope that it will convince readers to extreme seriousness of the problem, which obviously does not know borders. We are waiting for reports of such "mysteries" in Russia and elsewhere SNG.Yugo West England, the county of Devonshire, Salisbury Plain. That's almost the exact address of a mysterious building, which was built at the turn of the Stone and Bronze Ages. Stonehenge. The colossal cult building of the huge set upright stones. The oldest part of Stonehenge was built more 5,000 years ago, the final construction was completed about 850 years before the birth of Christ. One can only wonder how the people of that distant era failed to deliver stones to the construction: in fact they had to take from the quarries on the west coast of Wales — more than 200 kilometers.
Now we know a destination Stonehenge — this giant observatory, oriented to the sun, moon, planets, and hram.Severnee Stonehenge is a huge complex of Avebury stone, even more ancient temple prehistoric times. Archaeologists believe: stone circles, belted a giant ditch with steep walls and a flat bottom, were laid out about 6000 years ago.
Twenty-five kilometers to the north of Stonehenge is located Silbury Hill, the largest artificial hill in Europe. Its gentle slopes of up to 40 meters, the diameter of the base is greater than 180 meters. Silbury Hill was built around 2600 BC. e. and initially looked like a six-speed piramida.Zapadnee Silbury Hill is sacred Glastonbe-ri, one of the most important Sveti lisch UK. According to legend, it laid Alamatiysky Joseph, brother of Mary, who fled after the crucifixion of Christ with her to England. But Foo-stonberi — not only Christian shrine. This mystical Avalon of Arthurian legend, and the kingdom Inagano, and the sacred island of the Celts, foggy and the gate dozhdlivyy.Nedaleko chapter stonberi is Chelles Weale — the church well, which according to legend, the sacred sword hidden Joseph Alhama tiyskogo. They say it is curative water. In ancient legends Chelles Weale is mentioned as a place where one will announce himself the heavenly Jerusalem, and to begin a new era, so it has become a mecca for those who suffer.
Surrounded by these places of worship, gradually grew quiet little town Vomenster, suddenly caught in the 60s on the front pages of newspapers. The reason became the unidentified flying objects that suddenly "fell in love" the area. Vomenster became the center for UFO researchers all over the world who are engaged in the area at the prehistoric temple pyramids at Clay Hill. Here, August 26, 1972 American radio journalist Bryce Bond watched the mysterious phenomenon. He and his colleague saw a UFO that issued bunch of colored rays, which, by inserting strange patterns left in the ground. Then came a vague noise, before the astonished gaze of observers ears on the field, like a ladies' fan, went strictly by strelke.Etot hour day was the birthday of the phenomenon, which is now considered one of the greatest mysteries of our planet. Mystery of the wheat fields!
Over the years, patterns became more complex, their number increased, and, finally, in the summer of 1990 there was a qualitative leap — from simple circles to complex icons. Their significance is still a mystery.
The first point of our expedition — London. We have a guest writer John Michel, who is engaged in the cultural and historical aspect of the phenomenon of community and for several years now publishes a magazine devoted to it. — The circles in a wheat field — says Michel, — interesting phenomenon. Their appearance is, of course, concerned scientists, because it destroys the cherished notions. First circular phenomena appeared in the 60s. They opened the ufologists and called "jacks UFOs." The first crop circles were small, and they were treated with great hesitation. Only in 1980, when the north-west of England in the field there were huge circles, the phenomenon has received public recognition. Now we have to agree that we face an organized set of symbols arranged around the ancient temples. — Why did it happen now — we ask a writer — and as phenomena associated with prehistoric places of worship?-Maybe it's the fact that in recent time of increased interest in ancient shrines, science, religion and philosophy. I think the emergence of patterns in the grain fields fits into this process. Still, William Blake, the English poet of the XVIII century, prophesied the healing of the planet, which will come out of here. He was a stubborn materialist, but acknowledged that the center of the ancient Druidic religion is here.
In the summer of 1991 in southern England came to the crop circle researchers from different countries. The British and Japanese scientists have found a vantage point on the tree in a single field. With the help of modern technology, hidden cameras and directional microphones are trying to catch the light coming from the three icons, but the results so far.
This "triptych" was discovered here Malcolm Henery, a truck driver, in the early morning of July 12. He reached hundreds of meters in length. On the morning of the valley one-
yawl fog, in which there was an icon. Night in 1. 30 Malcolm woke thunderous roar. At first he thought it was a supersonic aircraft, but, on reflection, I decided that the reason is quite different. July 12, 1990 there has arisen an icon images which spread around the world. Thousands of people have arrived in Wiltshire then to look at the phenomenon, and every farmer to pay for it — the owner of the field by the pound. — I've never seen so many people — said Malcolm Henery — who, not being addicted, would be so excited !
Three days later there was another icon, and July 19 — a big sign, similar to a key on the hill. That is in three weeks — three large icons on the same field!
We met up with one of the authors of the book "Circles on wheat fields" Colin Andrews, an engineer by training, who spoke about their research: — We have studied the ancient English folklore and came across a lot of texts that seem to be associated with icons, so often appearing in Southern England. The first of them dated back to 1618 — 1680 years. We found that as early as 1914 on the same field in the Popper-Box Hill in Salisbury have two circles, which can be seen today. In addition, in the mid-60's in Quinton (Australia) in the fields also appear circles. Then, the story follows a significant gap until 1975, when the 1 on a farm near Winchester in Hampshire County was discovered krug.Cherez year followed by a second. In 1978, there was a few laps in Hedborne, just north Uinchestona. Since then, the phenomenon has spread throughout the south of England. Increases not only the area of education, to their number. On the same field the number had reached thirty-two. Drawing the most diverse patterns.
When asked about the origins of interest in the phenomenon of Colin Andrews, he replied:
— Did fortune. In 1983, I went to Winchester and, passing by fields, he saw a complex formatio
n. In front of me was a pattern consisting of a large central circle and the four "satellite". Never in my life have I seen such a thing. Leaving the car at the curb, I went down to the field and in twenty minutes was at the wheels. The spectacle captivated me: a clear symmetry of the pattern and the way in which were stacked wheat ears, all this made an incredible impression. I could not come up with a rational explanation for this, but I felt that touching something grand. Until today, the puzzle does not leave me alone, and I have been trying to penetrate into the essence of this stunning misterii.-You have led many research projects to study the phenomenon. Were you able to learn anything new about it? — For the first project of its kind, implemented two years ago in Chizvud Hede near Winchester, gave the new facts. We managed to record noise frequency of 5, 2 kHz, and now we know that it is directly related to the phenomenon as the sound came from the place where there was a circle. In further studies, involving the British Army and the Bi-Bi-Si, our camera detects any vibration, then came round. His appearance was recorded 80th cameras! The film was processed by computers in Hampshire. Within fifteen seconds it is possible to observe the spiraling movement of ears in the very place where the circle was discovered the next morning. — What do you think about the cause of circles? — After three years, we have tried to compare the weather conditions with the occurrence of laps, I came to the the conclusion that there is no connection. I have, perhaps, the most convincing evidence
the fact that we are dealing with a phenomenon in some extent reasonable.
Andrews co-author Pat Delgado used to be a rocket engineer. Attention to the phenomenon he drew in 1989, Tench Field, where there were three laps. Two years later came Kenchbore icon in the form of a zigzag. — Mr. Delgado, we stand before the icon, which is found today in the morning. You have completed the study. What is the result?-I am very pleased. No doubt about the authenticity. From the height of the icon looks like a flower with six petals, surrounded by two rings. It is a beautiful pattern, and its details are completely identical with the details of the phenomenon, seen about a week ago, over the hill, not far from here. The mechanism of its occurrence I have described in our recent book: ears as if to comb "brush energy" width of 200 millimeters, which is to put each ear. And then as if someone decided, no, this ear — I'll take this one better. First, "comb out" silhouette, then it is filled, as we have done on paper. So they started, then embarrassed, No, we do not want the next petal. I assume that all these phenomena are formed by energy that is programmed as to lay a spike. There is it necessarily at night. — Where does this energy come from? — According to my theory, there is a highly organized mind, using energiyu.Fermery unknown to us, in fields where new wheels, surprised and confused. Pete Martin, for example, always thought it was just a sell until the morning of August 13, 1991 not found a huge icon in his field:-This thing — throws up his hands Pete — there vchera.Ya noticed her at half past six. The night before, when we were working in the field, there was nothing. If someone had this up, we would have seen the lights. Before you make such a huge thing, it was necessary to make measurements, and in the dark it can be done. When I came here in the morning, everything was smooth, as if the ears combed, and the edges of the field stems were straight. In the center there was a spiral of interwoven and undamaged ears, and then the stems were stacked in a circle. Everything is done very carefully, each spike is in place. The circle — like a straight road, as if laid on the line. Can measure the small circles located around — they are exactly the same. I can not imagine how this could be done? I do not understand …
Other farmers have long been familiar with the crop circles. The farm Styria in 1991 alone there were two dozen small-krugov. For the first time, it was even more interesting — he said. But now, so many things on the farm that these circles only interfere. People come, worn in my field, in my roads without asking permission. Drop the cars where they want. And if someone throws a cigarette!?
In September 1991, the world press reported that the crop circles mystery solved: two pensioners said that for many years fooling researchers. But the facts tell a different story.
British photographer Center for the Study of the icons Basti Taylor makes the shooting vertoleta.-We do not know whether the cost of the occurrence of these phenomena UFO — says Taylor. — Maybe it's the message of unknown reason? Or is this masks people? Probably some circles Sde
lans pranksters, but only some. If this is the "message" that we do not ponimaem., Mr. Taylor, how many laps originated in England in 1991?-It's hard to say for sure. Every day I get messages from all over the country. Roughly rounding, I can say that now we are about 250 large units. Last year there were a lot of little circles, but few icons. I predicted that the situation will change and will be deeply connected with each other education. In addition, I warned that around July 10 we have something happen. Indeed, July 17 icon appears at the Burbury Hill. This intuition, I always get to the point — I do not know why. — You have a mediumship, or you're working with mediums? — With mediums I'm not working. I just say something, and then it comes true. In 1986, for example, I said to Colin Andrews that the circles of the past years and unite. So what happened?-Do you think that there is an intuitive relationship between the researchers and the phenomenon itself?-Many people get their information intuitively. Only in the last 10 days I got a call 8 times: people said they would love to have a circle in his field, and the next day he appeared, as if by zakazu.-Why did you become interested in this phenomenon? — August 3, 1985 I saw the plane Celtic education: a large circle in the center, four small at the edges, and all enclosed in a square. This phenomenon has never left me alone. The real sensation of 1991 was the 100-meter triangle that morning of July 17 pilots noticed at the foot of the hill of the Ice Age in Burberry Castle. Press dubbed it "the mother of all the icons." Forge such a big education unthinkable: all ears are laid in a certain way and twisted into a spiral. I would not be surprised if in two years there will be a conversation comes chetyrehugolnik.V Pat Delgado: — Early in the morning of July 17, 1991 the military for a few hours of shut region, ostensibly for maneuvers. Of course, it would be strange if they were not interested in the phenomenon. However, a significant response from the authorities cause only the most sophisticated icons. We even received letters from members of the royal court. When the Queen chose to read the book "Circles in the wheat fields," it became a bestseller. The royal family and signed up to our newsletter to reports of the appearance of circles. In addition, contact us entered the British Parliament. I do not need to name names, but the behavior can verify that the government began to investigate the problem. However, each time when the British government recognizes that the Parliament or the secretaries of some ministers want to contact us, it announces circles meteorological phenomenon! Most meteorologists, with whom we spoke, can not accept such an explanation.
Director of the British UFO Research Group, formerly a police officer Anthony Duld also explores the mystery circles in wheat fields and I am sure that the authorities know more than they say. — I think — he believes-that among the people who came to admire the community were military with a special mission. Soon after that began to emerge fake circles. Persistently forced upon the public opinion that all these formations are created by
people. Interest in the phenomenon as if subsided. Still, the government, as in the past, taken a keen interest in the issue.
We talked to the "affected" by farmers. According to them, they were ordered to immediately remove the grain from the field, even if it is not ripe. In other words, there are people in the government who want to circles in the fields disappeared before the public finds out about them.
Photographer Busty Taylor is also convinced that the British government is interested in the population of misinformation about the origin of the mysterious circles.


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