Current status of the hypothesis paleocontacts

Origin, formation and present state of the hypothesis paleocontacts

In the modern system of knowledge by means paleovizitom hypothesis that in ancient times there were numerous contacts between the ancient human communities and newcomers from other star systems.

But long before the rise of the modern scientific paradigm, the Egyptian priests were confident in the population of cosmic worlds and their contacts in antiquity with earthlings. These ideas have been inherited by Greek thinkers. Philosopher Anaximander (610-546 years. BCE) developed a theory of emerging and dying worlds, and the existence of extraterrestrial habitable worlds.

His successor Anaxagoras suggested the idea of panspermia — the transfer of embryos in space life. Detail, this theory has been developed only in the XIX-XX centuries, the Swedish scientist Areniusom in the twentieth century, Fred Hal. Outstanding materialist Hellenistic Epicurus also shared the idea of the plurality of inhabited worlds. Such examples are numerous.

The great physicist Isaac Newton once wrote: "As everything around us is full of living things … and the heavens above us can be filled with beings whose nature we do not understand … And the planets are in their orbits, and any other bodies can exist in any distance from the Earth and, indeed, may be beings with the ability to move in any direction at will and stop in any area of the sky to enjoy the company of their own kind, and through his messengers … to manage the land and reported in the remotest corners … "

As can be seen from the logical constructs of the greatest minds of the past, the problem paleovizita grew out of the conviction of the population Space is not only alive, but also intelligent beings.

Age of Discovery proved that the Earth is only a ball, but not the center of the universe, and showed humanity that the world is infinite. When our planet is no longer a world of infinite humanity, standing on whales and turtles, and was relatively small planet, like mushrooms after the rain began to appear fantastic stories and scientific treatises on the flight to the Moon and its development. The further course of thoughts came down to the question: if we, humans, are going to visit the serenity, then why do not we go and see them?

That's what raised the question of the French, a scientist-popularizer Bernard Le Bovier Fontenelle (1657-1757 gg.) In the "Dialogues of the plurality of worlds" (1686): "maybe aliens in general, and in particular selenites, when we had already visited? '. About in this way by the middle of the XIX century and formed the idea paleovizita. Attention should be paid to the term. It should be borne in mind that during his visit ancient astronauts did not have to come into contact with the ancient mankind.

If contact was, in this case, correct to speak of the growing paleovizita in paleocontacts, especially when there is an opportunity to prove the transfer of scientific methods in the course of the contact material or intellectual achievements of Aboriginal culture alien planet.

Given the opportunity, the Russian scientist lexicographer, Professor NA Rynin in the 30s published six-volume encyclopedia "Interplanetary Travel", the first two volumes of which are devoted to the analysis of the facts of the paleocontacts. In the "Journal of knowledge," he wrote, "To say that the people of other worlds have not visited our planet is indeed confirmed by the official history of all countries. However, if we look at the legends of antiquity, we observe a strange coincidence in the legends of the countries severed between an oceans and deserts.

This coincidence is that in many legends speak of visiting the Earth in ancient times, the inhabitants of other worlds. Why not assume that the basis of these legends is any grain of truth? "In the 60 years of the twentieth century, the public's attention to the problem of paleocontacts attracted Soviet researchers Matest Agrest, Gorbovskii Alexander, Alexander Kazantsev.

From the 70s through the efforts of Vladimir theory paleocontacts Avinskogo, Yuri Morozov Igor Lisevich, Vadim Vilinbakhov Vladimir Rubtsov, Rostislav Furdui, Harry Bourganskaia and Alexey Arkhipov strengthened its scientific positions and has received strong support from the Swiss amateur archaeologist Erich von Däniken. In a simple and intelligible form of E. von Daniken has described many finds that allegedly talked about visiting the Earth in ancient times visitors from the stars. Unfortunately, not all of the facts described Denikenym correctly, and not all of them can be considered evidence paleocontacts.

However, what remains beyond criticism of science is a fairly large array of mysterious information allegedly demonstrating in favor of the arrival of the aliens from the expanse of the cosmos. How does an asset has now hypothesis paleocontacts allegedly proving arrival representatives VC on Earth in ancient times?

The question remains open …

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