Customs Union: Losses and Gains

Belarusian customs and law enforcement agencies say about the problems they faced after the accession of Belarus to the Customs Union with Russia and Kazakhstan. At the same time, businesses have new opportunities in connection with the more liberal customs legislation.

"Experts say that Belarus is already in the budget does not receive large sums of money in the form of customs and tax payments due to the attraction of the economic turnover of goods from third countries, smuggled into its territory. There is every reason to believe that the free movement of goods within the Customs Union may make the problem worse, "- according to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

New customs rules in many ways more liberal of the old: in the past could Duty-free imports for 1000 euros and up to 35 kg of weight, and now — for 1500 euros and up to 50 pounds of weight, not previously subject to duty import 2 liters of alcohol now — 3 liters before without declaration could bring 3000 dollars now — 10,000 (list of changes Ch. Online Customs Committee of Belarus).

Changed the rules of entry of goods bought at sales, they are now the customs value corresponds to the actual.

His assessment of the situation for private business after the entry into the Customs Union of Belarus, leader of the public offering of the "For free enterprise" Victor Gorbachev

Gorbachev: With the introduction of new customs rules was a certain liberalization, which allows businesses to deal more openly. This applies to all businesses — from small to large. If small businesses can carry 35 kg without duties, now may 50. Accordingly, imports increased and the government feels it. Their compositions once again began to unload slower What wouldaxis would be.

Allowed a certain passage of electronics free of duty, and entrepreneurs who are engaged in shuttle business in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine have begun to increase the delivery of this product — it's TVs, microwaves, and more. This also affects our ekanomitsy.Pradprymalniki advantage of these opportunities to take your business to the economic crisis. Entrepreneurs, realizing new opportunities to designate goods imported, not the real price, but much smaller items are subject to a lower duty. Today it has become less corrupt relations with the customs authority that does not need to negotiate.

Today in Astana (Kazakhstan) will be a meeting of Heads of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Customs Committee: Anatoly Kuleshov (Belarus) Rashid Nurgaliev (Russia) Serik Baymaganbetava (Kazakhstan).

Among the topics of the meeting — the consequences of the formation of a customs union for the criminal situation in the Member States of the Union.
In particular, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus does not rule out the possibility that the development of the integration process will entail the creation of new criminal schemes involving the businesses of two or more countries, using fictitious documents. According to the Interior Ministry "are activated attempts of illegal cross-border movement of tobacco and alcohol products, spirtazmyashchalnyh liquids intended for the production of cheap counterfeit alcohol. Possible to organize the channels of illegal export of items containing precious and expensive rare earth and non-ferrous metals from the territory of the Customs Union for the implementation in the European Union countries. "

FAQ: What and how much can be taken to the Schengen area?

The Schengen area, within which abolished border controls, now includes 25 European countries. All but three states — Switzerland, Iceland and Norway — belong to the European Union. Three members of the European Union — Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus — until abnyatyya uniform customs regulations Shegenskay contract.

Persons who enter the Schengen zone, is allowed to carry with them without customs duties up to 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars and 1 liter of vodka or 2 liters of wine. Total cost of other goods that fall under the definition of "gifts" and not subject to customs duties, shall not exceed the amount of 175 euros.

Persons who enter the Schengen zone or leave it, do not have to declare customs transit money and checks, the amount of which is less than 10,000 euros.

Within the Schengen no border controls, but customs officers have the right to check your luggage anywhere zone. Between the Schengen countries to citizens of the European Union can be transported at the same time, free of customs declarations and payments, up to 800 cigarettes and 200 cigars and up to 10 liters of vodka, 90 liters of wine and 110 liters of beer.

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