Czech senator sees no reason to support the Belarusian authorities

The delegation of Czech senators, which completed a visit to Belarus, made a number of proposals to official Minsk. Czech politicians see if Minsk accepts them, it will contribute to "the inclusion of Belarus in the wider European family of democratic nations."

Czech senators TOmashev Yirsa, Jiri Ned and Karel Shebek constitute a standing committee of the Senate to support democracy in the world. They held meetings with officials, the opposition, human rights organizations and the media. During a meeting with the head of the Standing Committee Nina Mazzei delegation expressed a number of proposals that could bring Belarus closer to the Council of Europe. Senators are reminded of the need to abolish the death penalty in Belarus, the inclusion in the electoral committees of representatives of opposition candidates, the abolition of Article 193.1 of the relative activity on behalf of unregistered organization. They also believe that the pursuit of the Belarusian authorities to regulate the Internet and the media in general, contrary to accepted standards. Czech senators have expressed hope that the Belarusian parliament to "show their will to remove the legal system, these controversial points." Summing up the meeting with Nina Mazzei, Tomas Yirsa said:

Some of the questions we have different points of view …

"We have expressed their wishes, their views, and a representative of the Council of the Republic expressed its own. Some of the questions we have different points of view, and sometimes we had a little misunderstanding. For example, we had a little misunderstanding regarding our proposal to include in the composition of election commissions members opposition parties. Ms. Mazzei convinced us that this is possible, but, they say, the opposition can not agree. We have discussed this and other issues for nearly an hour. We knew that we had different views on these issues. But Ms. Mazzei was to meet us. And correctly noted that no laws exist forever. "

Senators are reminded that they occupy the position of the European Union, the Council of Europe and the OSCE on the undemocratic nature of the elections, which elected the Belarusian parliament. However, this is the only platform for dialogue with the official Minsk. For a meeting with the Belarusian human rights defenders, Mr. Tomas Yirsa said:

"For many years I represent the Czech Republic in the Council of Europe, which deals with human rights. Belarus We met with a number of organizations working on human rights and known to the international community. We do not understand one thing: that some of these organizations were registered. We have raised this issue at a meeting with the representative of the official parliament. "

Tomas Yirsa noted that senators are directly related to the budget of the Czech Republic and "wanted to see everything with my own eyes." Belarus is included in a series of ten countries to which Czech Republic provides assistance, particularly non-governmental organizations. As for the support of the Belarusian regime, Mr Yirsa said:

and then there is no reason to support the Czech Republic of Belarus …

"I left with the opinion that in the future there is no reason to support the Czech Republic or the Republic of Belarus within the framework of the bilateral relations, whether at the level of the European Union." (Editor's Note: This quote was mistakenly translated at a press conference interpreter. On this occasion, we talked to the city Irsam separately.)

Tomas Yirsa recalled that the last six years, the Belarusian authorities did not grant him a visa, and he could not visit Belarus. Like, it was a punishment for the fact that in 2005 the Czech Republic has not given a visa to Alexander Lukashenko. But now the situation has changed, and got a visa no problem. Belarus Ambassador to the Czech Republic convinced that the senators are free to visit Belarus.

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