December 10 — 1 Beylet — DAY Dazhdbog and madder

Wedding Goddess Dazhdbog with Maren.

Dazhdbog — Tarkh Perunovich God, God is the Guardian of the ancient Great Wisdom. Was named Dazhbog for what gave them the Great Race and the descendant of the Heavenly Nine Santee (books).
Marena (Mara) — Great Goddess of Winter Night and eternal sleep, and Eternal Life.

Dazhdbog and Marena

Dazhdbog went to the kingdom of the dark
In the way of a huge cave.
It steel door with locks
Knocked constipation Dazhdbog hands.
On a chain in a cave Kashchei hanging
And at his feet the fire is lit.
Hanging over the fire pot large
Kashchei asked: "Napoi water."
When Dazhdbog gave him water,
Former strength, he has absorbed the water.
Managed to break the heavy chain,
The light white Kashchei flew.
And for the fact that God has saved him a light,
Force the former to find help,
Promised three Kashchei guilt forgiven
Services for the service in return.
A Dazhdbog returned to Repeyskim mountains
Feast fair Svarog collects there.

Mother frets put on the table,
And the sounds of birds around the celestial choir.
Dazhdbog was done on the feast
In the garden in the morning he came out of Erie.
Tower painted in his way,
Only one tower just does not enter.
This tower madder girls
And Dazhdbog to her door knocking.
Opened the iron doors
And on the strength of Dazhdbog flew.
Came in a tower painted Dazhdbog
In Marenushki feast is honest.
At the table with Gorynya Dubyna
Across Kashchei with Usyn.
In woos wife Maren Kashchei:
"For you, I'll wear the crown,
Subject the whole world we are with you,
Be, Marin, my wife. "
Marenushka but did not answer,
A Dazhdbog in Svetlitsa hello.
Accompanied with Kashchei Usyn,
Gorynya left with Dubyna.
A Dazhdbog she leaves,
Share her love invites.
Yes Dazhdbog left madder
And she was left puzzled.
Cut sledochki Dazhdbog,
Hex whispered to God.
Prisushit him not to eat or sleep,
That used to love her, to caress her.

Dazhdbog stir the heart,
And love glowed with God.
He went to Marenushke woo,
Ought not Dazhdbog hide.
In madder Kashchei Immortal again
Offers her his hand, and love.
A sharp sword Dazhdbog pulled out,
On Kashchei Bessmernogo came.
Marin laughing girl:
"I Kashchei more useful."
Cast, poured water
On Dazhdbog it was poured.
Turned round in Marin
"Let grazing on green grass."
Three days of walking tour through the mountains,
Three days walking tour down dale.
The shepherds saw it
Rosie's mother told.
Asked if Rosya Perun
Awakened by a loud cry silence:
"Order the madder my son back"
And that hour Perun set off.
At Marin sister thunder boomed,
Son to rescue his sister ordered.
It became a bird magpies
Flew into the field, damned,
And she found Zlatorog tour
In the mountains, he trudged dejectedly.
He sat down on the right horn of forty
"Will you now my husband, Dazhbog?"
Dazhdbog her husband agreed to be
And Marin immediately began to pour the water,
Wrapped round in Dazhdbog
Moved along on their way.
Svarog to come to Repeyskim mountains
Lavish wedding was done on there.
And wove his love Lola wreath
Ros gave them a blue handkerchief
"It will be a lake, is to wave a handkerchief" —
Ros said young whisper.
Gave grebenochku Lada
'If quit — will ambush
Becomes dense dark forest wall
Do not drive around his side. "
And dance at the wedding alive
And round it all to wonder:
Wave her right handle — the forest and the river will rise,
Left handle — birds fly to the clouds.
Madder waved sleeves
Like a swan flying around:
Wave her right handle — the ice on the river rises,
Left handle wag — snow comes from the clouds.
Wedding sang, danced, walked
Celestial all rejoiced.

And when the wedding learned Kashchei,
He harnessed the hour golden horses
Darkness came close to Erie-garden
"On the ground, now I'll make a hell!"
In heaven, there was one Dazhdbog,
Strength he was able to defeat the dark.
Three days he fought day and night,
Formidable force driving away, away.
And then sleep deep sleep,
A Kashchei quietly snuck into the house.
Marin became again to persuade,
Again load with presents and gifts.
Promised untold riches,
Told her cherished words.
And Marin went for Kashchei,
About Dazhdbog not spared.

When Dazhdbog woke from sleep,
Does not understand where his wife was.
Perun told everything then
"I'll catch up easily Marenushku"
For Maren rode Dazhdbog,
And caught her by the two roads.
Marin said there Dazhdbog:
"I was lucky it by force, by God.
Drink a glass of wine with anger "
And she poured him happy.
And drunk Dazhdbog here drunk,
Laughed Morin, his wife:
"Great is the power of the mighty hops,
May the best win. "
Marin laughed formidable:
"With him coming true the impossible."
And God told Kascheyu ruin,
Rampant his head cut off.
Just remember the promise Kashchei
"I can not fulfill the desire.
Three guilt I promised to forgive him,
I tripled it can not destroy. "

Until we reach Dazhdbog Currants,
Velez with Bureya thrown ball,
Across the river it melted,
For ball Dazhdbog sent.
In the realm of the dark rolling a ball,
Behind him Dazhdbog sparing feet.
Palace on the way, between the black rocks,
At large gate stood a mighty horse.
Madder blizeshenko fit,
Bowed Dazhdbog nizeshenko.
Full glass of raised again
And stayed Dazhdbog, lay on the ground.
"Great is the power of the mighty hops,
May the best win. "
Marin laughed formidable:
"With him coming true the impossible."
The third time is not ruined Dazhdbog Kashchei,
A Marin pinned large nails,
Dazhdbog dragged to the rocks
There, under the lifted sinus.
And crucified on the rocks god
Scored the first nail in the foot.
In the hands of white nails were hammered,
Struck in the face with a hammer.
So she crucified Dazhdbog,
There is blood on the face of God.

I was madder sister
Live-swan flying birds.
Svarog have to take time off to his sister,
In the kingdom of darkness fell.
Everything looked alive kingdom,
Flying high above the rocks.
Saw the crucified God,
And love is still alive in Dazhdbog.
And the girl said to him:
"You have to promise me to marry?"
He promised to take his wife to live,
And she flew off with a bow.
A sister Dazhdbog saved,
The mites smith got out.
Nails with power struggling,
Dear god help out.
Carried him to Repeyskim mountains
And living water to wash there.
Protracted bloody wounds
A fog descended over the garden.

Hymn-Praslavlenie Dazhdbog:

Dazhdbog Tarkh Perunovich! Nice and Trislaven wake!
Thank Thee applicant all the best, happiness and prosperity.
And great glory proclaim to you for help in our good deeds,
and for help in our martial deeds, yes suprotiv gate of dark and all
evil unjust. Yes arrive great strength lieth with all kinds of ours,
now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle!

Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

Hymn-Praslavlenie Marin:

Hymn-Praslavlenie Marin

Marin-Mother, Glorious and Trislavna wake!
We glorify Thee eternally, bloodless required and Gifts for Thee vseRodno burn!
Grant us prosperity in all our doings, and save the cattle plague of our own, and do not let
emptying granaries of ours, because great is Thy bounty, now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle!
Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!


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