Declared a tender for the BMP for the Marines.

  • "Otter" first amphibious development KAMAZ
  • "Otter" first amphibious development KAMAZ

The developer of the Marine Corps combat vehicle can be KAMAZ

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced a tender for research into the creation of the Marine Corps combat vehicle (BMMP). One of the main contenders for victory called KAMAZ. The revolutionary spirit of the problem lies in the fact that for the first time in Russia a floating war machine design specifically for the fleet, and do not over of land. 

The Ministry of Defence has announced an open competition for the "Implementation of research" Research to develop advanced platform for the marine units of the Navy "(" Platform BMMP "- Marine Corps combat vehicles).

The customer is willing to pay 40 million rubles. The deadline for documentation — from 14 June to 15 July 2013. The work should be completed by November 25. During this time it is necessary to conduct complex research on the most effective ways to create a unified platform, as well as combat and support vehicles at its base to equip the Marine Corps. To analyze what is happening in this field in the world. To determine the requirements for the platform, and to developed on the basis of its combat and support vehicles. Form a look BMMP platform and machines based on it. Develop a demo chassis layout platform. Develop a draft terms of reference for developmental work.

The basis for the implementation of research called a government resolution of 27 December 2012 "On the state defense order for 2013 and the planning period of 2014 and 2015." Quite simply, the Marines have no adequate to their tasks amphibians. All that they use today — "alteration" land art — BMP-1 and BMP-2 and BTR-80. Such a course of military affairs is extremely unhappy, writes "Weapons of Russia": Amphibians flooded with light wave, they are slow moving and so on.

Two years ago, there were already reports that the Ministry of Defense ordered the development BMMP. What do you want war? The machine must be moved by land and water, have high firepower (it was supposed whole family — with artillery guns, air defense missile systems, universal instruments). In addition, in recent years in Russia are increasingly talking about the concept of the horizon landing, including using armored vehicles. According to this idea, the landing should be discharged from the transports, far from shore, beyond the horizon — the ship is less than the risk of being under fire from shore defenses and landing party secured a large reserve. Gators overcome 15 — 40 km to the landing site and grab a foothold. A second wave of boats go … Trans-horizon landing requires armored high-speed (40 km / h) on the water and increased seaworthiness.

That BMMP Marines definitely need the chairman of public organization Marines "Typhoon" Marat Abdrafikov "BTR and BMP in the Marine Corps is, but it's such an averaged version. Hope road performance at the new car will be better, and capacity too. And it is high time — military science does not stand still … I had to drop on an APC in 80 years, in the course of military service in the Indian Ocean, in Vietnam, Mozambique. Large landing ship is at sea, a 5 kilometers from the coast (and it will tell you to swim in the APC enough!), And armored personnel carriers on the night we … Before reaching the shores of 5 — 6 meters — the command: "Armor!" Jumps up — and go! The sun rises, and we are already on the shore … I remember during one landing light up APC afloat and it was extinguished successfully landed. Before me, the exercises was a case that three people were killed — they are dropped from the ramp at the landing of the ship.

"Existing machines — BMP-3F and BTR-80 — do not meet the requirements of the Marine Corps, — the chief editor of the" Arsenal of the Fatherland "Victor Murakhovski (by the way, a graduate of the Kazan Tank School in 1975). — Frankly speaking, the properties of navigable they meet only the requirements of ground troops — to overcome water obstacles such as rivers and lakes. The Marines, of course, always wanted to have a car with a high seaworthiness, which would allow to provide the-horizon landing, that is 30-40 km course at high speed at a sufficiently serious disturbance of the sea … Of course, this research is related to the fact that we will have to foreseeable future, the "Mistral", although, judging by the terms of reference, it is planned basing on large amphibious ships project 1175, which we now have more than a dozen. And I think, first of all we are talking about getting off the horizon … However, I think that the need to quantify the fleet in such machines is not too large — the number of Marines dropped significantly. At the maximum, with the training parts of machines 450, no more ".

The descendants of the forgotten "Otter"

KAMAZ — a leading company in the research, design and development of wheeled equipment for assembly of AMSE (weapons, military and special equipment), including samples of the protected machines. The company has scientific and technological potential and highly qualified specialists.

We may recall that at KAMAZ has experience creating amphibious combat. This story legendizirovana, but according to information in the network, in 2006, during an inspection armored "KAMAZ-43269," "The Shot" Airborne Troops Commander Alexander Kolmakov proposed development desantiruemye floating airborne armored wheeled vehicles. "Challenge" took KAMAZ special machinery and NPC Bauman. Bauman. At KAMAZ under the supervision of the Director of the "Special vehicles" Ramil Azamatova was built prototype. It was a fly wheel airborne combat reconnaissance vehicle, created on the basis of units and airborne units "KAMAZ-43501-Navy" and unify with him and an armored personnel carrier "KAMAZ-43269," "The Shot". The project received the code "Otter" on the Internet you can find many photos of this very specific vyglyadeschego armored car. More about the project is not known.

Battle Frontier vehicle BMP-97 (project: "The Shot") KamAZ-43269


But what amphibious topic at KAMAZ alive, found in a recent (June 8) visit to the plant Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and CEO Rostekhnadzor Chemezov. The event was attended Murakhovski. "The Minister of Defense showed serial and future developments KAMAZ — he said. — And amphibians were present, too, albeit in virtual form, in the form of images on one of the posters — a family of "Amphibian". "Otter" family, rather, not like, although some of its elements are used — no development does not disappear without a trace. And that the research will be based on some backlog, and said a short time allotted to work. And there is such a backlog and KAMAZ, however, as a number of other companies. "

But Murakhovski sure KAMAZ goal — to make BMMP: "Of course, KAMAZ, if he wins the competition for R &D will lead developer, and manufacturer. Of course, in co-operation — the armor, fire weapons, trip information systems. But the platform itself it is quite capable of producing. "

Possible new project KAMAZ experts commented.

Victor Murakhovski —
chief editor of the "Arsenal of the Fatherland":

— As for the tender. He declared to the company, who claim to be the job could have their proposal. The fact that the basis of the technical project is an initiative to develop KAMAZ, I agree with this, it is obvious. The fact that the Defense Department would like to feed and Sergei Chemezov Kogogina to the top performer for this research was KAMAZ, as he did the development of the initiative, it is also understandable. In this sense, the Defense Ministry suggests possible co-operation. But what will definitely work KAMAZ brand nepredopredeleno. We have a law on the state defense order, which defines all the procedures, so that all will tackle competition rzrabotchikov. Because apart from KAMAZ we know and the other contenders on the subject. In particular, the structure of Oleg Deripaska — "Military-Industrial Company" with the Arzamas Machine-Building Plant. Group structure "Tractor Plants", in particular, SKBM in Kurgan. That is, it is not predetermined. There is a large backlog at the bridgehead and KAMAZ — is that these things proactively he started doing (of course, in consultation with the Ministry of Defence), but it does not prejudge the winning bidders. However, the chances of KAMAZ rate as the most preferred. Especially judging by the fact that during his visit to KAMAZ reported on the head of the main developer Armored Directorate of Defense Minister.

Igor Korochenko — Director of the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade:

— It should be borne in mind that KAMAZ actively lobbying their participation in the major defense procurement programs, including in research and development. And this case, it is obvious — a reflection of some lobbying by Kamaz, the more we should not forget that it is part of the corporation "Russian Technologies", and Chemezov, as you know — one of the most influential "generals" military-industrial complex and, perhaps, Russia's most influential politician, who has an impact on the defense industry. I mean practical politician, as a practitioner, manager of the corporation. Obviously, this is a consequence of strengthening the position of KAMAZ in the eyes of the Ministry of Defence … Competitors? I think that we are talking about traditional developers, suppliers that are part of the tractor factories, "Kurgan" — our core competence center — and generally holding "Tractor plants".

Dmitry Baranov — a leading expert of "Finam Management"

— We must start with the fact that military theme KAMAZ well known, and for many years he produces a variety of products for the army. So the company can not be called a rookie. But the scope of the contract involves the kind of research, paper, mental work, which, in general, can hardly be attributed to the core business of KAMAZ. The competition results will be announced only on 29 July, and then it becomes clear who will do the job. And the fact that the competition will involve many well-known players in this market, there is no doubt. And by the way, it is not the fact that KAMAZ will also participate in this competition, although this can not be completely ruled out. What you need to develop a "demonstration model of a platform for running full-scale testing," also should not bother because it will make each participant in order to prove the correctness of the design is its solutions. And various research institutes, which can take part in this competition, making this layout can outsource, they do not necessarily have its own production base. The fact that it is the R &D supported by the contract and the amount of 40 million rubles — not so much the amount, it will hardly be possible to release a full prototype of the technology … The contest is held to choose the best model (platform) of this type of weapon, then this model, and perhaps the models that took place after her, will continue to be tested, and only after that will form the defense order for this type of weapon. So nothing is clear, and should await the outcome of the competition, when much clearer. "

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