Defense Ministry: In Iran, the strategic focus of missiles ready to use right now does not exist, and the possibility of the creation of such missiles will not soon

Defense Ministry: "In Iran, strategic missiles ready to use at the moment does not exist, and the possibility of creating such missiles will not soon"After conducting missile tests by Iran, according to some sources, capable of hitting Israel and the surrounding area bases of NATO, Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement about the unreliability of this information. Official authorized Russian Federation Defense Ministry Colonel V.Koval told the media about the absence of Iran in the current time of strategic KR large and medium-range missiles, and expressed his absolute confidence that these missiles in the not to distant future, Iran will not appear.

It is a question of trial in Iran on January 2 ASM "Gader," the introduction of missile range to 200 km, for anti-ship missile is the average distance of a stretch. All cheese boron brewed themselves Iranian military, saying about the successful test huge range ballistic missile act.

Apart from ASM "Gader," Iranian military conducted missile tests "Nur" type "ground-to-ground", the introduction of distance does not exceed 200 km, tests and missile "Nasr" with a small radius of action. In the media Iranian military posted video footage of the tests.

The assurances of the Russian Defense Ministry, they carefully inspect all of the information about the development of the strategic missile mission abroad, including the look and the Iranian developments in this area. "In Iran, the strategic focus of missiles ready to use right now does not exist, and the possibility of the creation of such missiles will not soon" — the Defense Ministry.

According to the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation in Tehran is not available real abilities to acquire or make the technology and the creation of an intercontinental ballistic missile act even in the most experienced swatches. Even if we imagine the development of Iran's ICBM, you still can not see them as ready-to-use complexes.

All these conjectures are taken out of the conflict of Western countries and Iran, which implies the presence of Iran's current nuclear program that would create a Tehran nuclear weapons. Open conflict began with the hosted IAEA report in November last year.

It is clear that the Russian Federation is a hard opponent intervention camp of the West against Iran, but also has a fear about Iran. Any sample to join the circle of states with nuclear weapon, will be accompanied by military conflicts. A Our homeland is the same enemy military interventions in the world.

RF is no direct danger from the Iran, but increases the risk of the introduction of nuclear weapons around its borders. Iran is the creation of the prerequisites of regional military conflicts such as bundles of India-Pakistan, North and South Korea.

Uncontrolled introduction of nuclear weapons technology nearby territory of Russia could lead to unpredictable consequences.
Each year, the possibility of introducing nuclear weapons is increasing, and the Defense Ministry is seriously afraid that the military intervention of the United States and NATO countries for the elimination of nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran will lead to nuclear weapons technology in the world.

Tension between the West and Iran escalates

These tests missiles, Iran conducted in an apparent demonstration mode. At any voltage with the West, Iran begins to conduct various military exercises and tests.

Following the publication of the IAEA report, Iran and the West work out in the verbal battle, eventually threatening to close the sea route of the Strait of Hormuz, through which a fifth of the distillation of crude oil in the world. In response, the United States drove to the Strait of an aircraft carrier and began to conduct naval exercises in the sea area.

Next Iran conducted and published his successful tests of missiles and made a statement on the passing testings of Iranian nuclear fuel rod.

According to international agreements is forbidden to transfer to countries without nuclear technology, nuclear fuel rods. If Iran itself create such a rod charges will disappear on for yourself. And while the West laughs at Iran's nuclear rods, as well as our military experts at, laughed at the strategic focus of missiles from Iran.

Against the background of what is happening, of course, that the conflict Iran the West is gaining tremendous momentum, and sample Russian military appease Western public to nothing lead.

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