DGC branch Khabarovsk generation praised the quality and speed of the machine for repairs of a new generation of Daltehenergo

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Experts Engineering and Technology Center for repair of the turbines had a high-precision balancing of the turbine rotor on Komsomolskaya CHP-3 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Work on the dynamic balancing of turbine number 1 capacity of 180 MW on the Komsomolskaya CHP-3 were carried out on a single in the Far East balancer VM-36000 with a computer-controlled, launched into operation of "Daltehenergo" (100%-owned subsidiary of JSC "RAO Energy System of East").

"Work on setting up of the turbine rotor are made with high quality and the shortest possible time," — said the chief engineer Komsomolskaya CHP-3 Evgeniy Balashov.

"I believe that the application of the balancing machine with the new generation of capital repairs of turbines necessary measure, as the reduction in the number of starts for balancing power can significantly reduce plan costs, including fuel component, as well as equipment repair quickly," — he stressed.

The advantage of the balancing machine — is its portability and ease of use: two professionals need only 4 hours to fully prepare the machine to the top of repair work at the facility. In addition, the machine is installed on a regular floor in the shop, so there is no need for the manufacture of special foundations and vibration. These factors make it possible to use the machine for repair areas of the Far East.

For the record:

Zarezonansny balancer VM-36000 has a horizontal axis of rotation and is designed for high-precision balancing of turbine rotors, high capacity weighing from 7 to 40 tons. Use of the machine allows to produce high balancing accuracy at relatively low speeds. According to the accuracy of balancing rotors, balancing machines BM series are unique, because they have no analogues in the world. The calculation of these balances have modern microprocessor provides measurement and analysis unit "Sapphire" with active TFT monitor on an industrial computer.

Engineering Center of "Daltehenergo" for repairing turbines located in the seaside power plant in Luchegorsk. Center is designed to meet the needs of the Far Eastern power plants and power plant in a planned and emergency repairs and commissioning of turbine equipment.

JSC "Daltehenergo" — the management company repair and construction holding OJSC "RAO Energy System of East". The company provides a full range of complex equipment and the construction of "turnkey", as well as repair and maintenance of power. The holding includes 16 construction and repair company located in the Magadan, Amur, Kamchatka and Sakhalin regions, Primorsky and Khabarovsk territories, the Republic of Sakha Yakutia. The management company of "Daltehenergo" is located in Vladivostok.

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