Dmitry Eremin gravity flyer. Continued Part 2

Alien Planet
— We got in the chair and went straight talk — continued his story Dmitri. — Well, not really a conversation, as it was carried out not in words, but through images that arose in my head. Although they communicated with each other in some language. I remember some of the words. For example, "sai" — something rude, belligerent — "solverkar" and another "otelstan" or "hotelstan." I do not know the meaning of words.
At first the conversation concerned the technical readiness Eremina. He was shown as he repairs televisions, tape recorders … There is clearly a thought: "If we are going to show you this and that, you are able to do this?" Dima has expressed interest in the proposal and, in turn, asked, "Why me?" The answer was in the sense that it does not matter, but just — it's time! You say, have the technical knowledge, you — practitioner, and perhaps be able to guess the principles of operation of the engine, which we'll show you. It will need people very soon.
Dmitri could not help but ask: "Is that you were near Perm?" The answer was: "Yes!" — And followed them to the question, "What is your attitude to M-tion zone?" Eremin explained that he was convinced that it works, but how — could not understand. He spoke aloud, in short sentences. Apparently, they were read something and out of his head as soon as he began to mentally construct something, he was shown in the images flailing man and there was the phrase, "you're wandering, confused. Better to say the words."
I must say that Eremin, having higher education, is really well versed in all sorts of equipment and was a jack of all trades. On the Volga plant of synthetic fibers he used to work in the shop instrumentation, dealt with the finest devices on the machine can carve any detail, was in good standing as an innovator, has developed an interesting tourist catamaran design for rafting on the rivers and even tried to patent it. By design interested businessmen from abroad. In short, it was a kind of craftsman-nugget.
But before he was shown the propulsion system was a long and interesting display of an unfamiliar planet. Perhaps these aliens are removed from the stress and fear that if his guest, whether the prisoner.
— I understand that they are well aware of our planet and its problems — said Dmitry. — Maybe that's why in detail showed their. It's in them is out of the ocean, land is only 4.5 per cent of the entire surface. However, their planet, apparently, is much larger than the earth, so the land area is not so small, it is in the form of islands. Previously, the land was more, but in prehistoric times, there was some sort of cataclysm, and almost all of the land went under water. Saved a few — only those who lived in areas of high ground, and those who swam at this time on the ships. A new civilization is about several tens or even hundreds of thousands of years, but they do not consider themselves super civilization, and consider themselves to be highly developed community. The name of the planet and its position in the universe was not given. I also did not think to ask them about the population.
The lack of terrestrial aliens reimburse that built the underwater city of diverse designs. There are those that are on the shelves, closed caps with buildings inside, and there in the form of floating islands, with high-rise constructions. The depths of the oceans are not all fully investigated. The islands of land they are forced to defend the huge stone walls to protect from terrible raging storms which there are no barriers. That's where the stone walls in those early visions in M-Soviet triangle!
In its atmosphere and the composition of water planet, apparently close to the earth. The sky is blue, the clouds over the sea, the sun, however, he did not show. However, they have less oxygen, and strangers about it said. However, they often during the conversation were taken to the small face of a box with a mouthpiece and a half minutes of breathing through it.
— I realized that they have learned to manage earthquakes, — said Dmitry Ilyich. — With the help of vibration they can shift the epicenter of the earthquake in a safe place, away from land. Nature on their land scarce, I saw little green. But in the ocean — the abundance of algae and various bushes. They have a sea elements more cephalopods, crabs, octopus, which have rudimentary intelligence and working with people.
— I saw a female, — said Dmitry Ilyich. — They are very beautiful. Yes, the color black, but all perfectly folded, graceful …
He was informed that the children they are raising families in the first six months are fed breast milk. "We believe that the child should have an attachment to their parents, although, of course, children could grow in the incubation conditions. But worse." Their civilization explores not only near, but deep space. "As far as I understood, for this purpose, conventional devices, such as the one in which there was our conversation — said Eremin. — I was shown around the ship creates a gravitational field, like a capsule. This unit is separated from the material world, and then the ship can move at any speed up anywhere. Important in flight — gravity engine. "
"Why did you choose to vehicles form of a dish?" — At some point asked Eremin.
"Any device that works on gravity, should be similar to the natural gravitational system — is the answer. — A natural — a planetary system.'s Why the planets have a flattened shape of balls." —
Now I know that if something is flying round — said Dmitry me — then clearly: there gravity engine. To my question whether the military development of the earth "flying saucers", followed by a brief response: "These works are carried out, but the flight yet." I do not understand what they were talking about the military. Maybe on our own, or perhaps an American.


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