Dmitry Eremin gravity flyer. Continued Part 3


Still, the main thing in this meeting was not about the distant planet of aliens. It came along the way. The main, I think, was a demonstration of the propulsion system. It happened at the end of the conversation, which lasted about one and a half hours. Dmitry Ilyich asked to get up from the chair and opened the rear seats oval hatch, which, if desired, you can get through the man.
— I saw part of a circle, arc, and this arc knob — told Eremin. — He guessed that this coil winding. Realized that these windings on the ring should be three. If there were four, in a sector that was available gaze, this reel would be visible. Hence, all the same three … I would like to consider the device in detail, but they closed the hatch:
"Then you can guess …"
— And really — I like lightning lit up — Dmitry gasped. — I guess! Guess what and how there can be arranged. Probably, I just checked on the uptake, so the principle of the movement is not allowed. Only metaphorically showed how something is sucked inside the ring — apparently, the gravitational field.
— But for what it is we need to know? — I asked the obvious question to my companion. — Maybe it corresponds to some of their interests and not ours?
— No, I am convinced of their good will to the people, — said Dmitry. — They are not afraid of our aggressiveness, our unpredictability. They have been through it all. I realized that they do not need our Earth, they love their home planet. Moreover, in their allusions, I realized that the civilization of "gray" from the web Zeta, much less humane towards earthlings. "We ask the consent of earthlings, when we want to know something or offer you, — the aliens — and" gray "put their own experiments and experiments on you without notice. As with the guinea pigs." And that says it all … They also said that the "gray" too self-confident. "They took the excessive function: influence on the gene pool of humanity …" —
Then why do we need the engine sounded why the word "time"?
— I was shown a huge structure that soars in the sky. This multi-deck construction ovoid type, and in the middle of the gravitational setting — explained Eremin. — This ship is not designed for long-haul flights, it just has to rise above the surface. It can be saved. "Very soon, it will take earthlings — deposited in my mind. — It seems that our planet will come a cataclysm."
— Yes, there are reports of a possible collision with a huge asteroid or passage of the ecliptic in the solar system mysterious twelfth planet. It may be a change of inclination of the axis of rotation of the Earth … — I said, — Frequent earthquakes and hurricanes — one of the hallmarks of a similar situation.
— No, it looks like it's not an asteroid or planet — said Eremin. — Cataclysm, which threatens us comes from inside the Earth. Its core heats up, will soon begin to melt glaciers … Something connected with this. We believe that the greenhouse effect is due to an excess of carbon dioxide, but it turns out that the heating comes from within.
— And that — we have to make such huge ships?
— No, we do not have time to create them for the entire population. But to save part of the accumulated knowledge, literature, invention, all kinds of media we should be able, if we do not classify information on the gravity engines. They clearly show that should be involved media, technical laboratories, institutions — only to have begun work in the right direction. Maybe it is not without reason I came to you, I beg you to help me out for a reputable engineering circles or serious publications press.
— What happened? — I asked.
— What else? .. I was given to understand — enough … "We'll meet again?" — I asked. "It will depend on how you will be able to cope with this problem …" — Deposited in the head.
Earthman stood up and left the ramp. He did not shake hands with anybody, there was no other taken by parting emotions. "Move away, near a dangerous" — he translated the last image in the brain. At his request a little fly in the apparatus of the strangers followed by a blank refusal. However, later Dmitry admitted that he had during the conversation, as if in reproach, showed one ugly scene of his life: very drunk, he quarreled with his wife, raised his hand and shouted at her. "Do not go down so low," — followed by a verbal translation.

Ordeal of the Russian inventor

— I went to the same thirty meters, where he stood before it, — continued the story Eremin. — He looked at his face: took about one and a half hours. Oval door closed, and I do not see any seam on the board. The picture in my head realized that I need to move further away.
Closely watched the ship. On black, five-foot-diameter bottom "plates" ran a spark, which then merged into a blue glow like a fluorescent light. The ship went low, staying above the beam, as if not wanting to discover themselves. The device enveloped in yellow with the blue haze in the middle of the spherical shape, and then — Fu-yi — one and a half seconds disappeared in the sky. Neither cotton nor any other sound, though was clearly supersonic speed.
— I went back elated — recalled Eremin. — With the engine was, in general, clear and immediately wanted to do a model. I wanted to tell a friend about the incident. But then suddenly thought: who is to tell? Who would believe? Everyone is busy with his own, barely surviving, angry, drinking out of despair … To whom is all this necessary? Come and stay in the eyes of most local jerk, though many are repaired TVs …
Assembled model on a ferrite ring with a diameter of 12 centimeters. However generator needed to alternately read out the three winding with a high frequency ripple. Such a generator at Eremina, of course, was not … But the confidence that the design will take off, he somehow got stronger. But there soon came a call from Moscow to work, and D.I.Eremin went to the capital. His invention he made a hollow aluminum hemisphere, borrowing them from the street lamps.
— In Moscow, the idea to introduce someone to the principles of the experts of the engine, and most importantly test it using a generator, do not leave me a single hour — told Eremin. — In departmental hotel-hostel where I lived, conditions, of course, no, Me too … So I went to the Ministry of Defence, there, on the waterfront, close to the Kremlin. At first, I was advised to contact the Department of inventions.
That was in September of last year. By Eremin out major. Probably the kind of Dmitry Ilyich aluminum piece of iron in a plastic bag is not inspired confidence officer. Dima is not wearing white shirt and tie, dressed very simply, unpresentable, and under the nails probably never disappear ingrained from black metal and oil. Well, in the conversation do not talkative, even overly simple-minded. He knew that here in any case should not be talking about aliens. So stuck chosen version, he says, he thought of such a structure. "Give only a generator pinch with experts …" — He urged. And yet, at some point, Dmitry I. slip — alien ship has been mentioned as an argument to a flying object. That's it! Poskuchnel officer, and thought, apparently, only about how to get rid of the visitor. However, the department gave the phone to the arms, which in Mytishchi. "There will be dismantled," — he said at last.
Eremin called, made an appointment. About the aliens, of course, no gu-gu. Communicating with a certain captain named Volodya went no further pass. However, even though he was filled with an interest in the work to try gizmo. Together with Dmitry they went somewhere in Pushkin, where the captain was a garage, and in it the most different equipment. Generator was not there. We agreed that three days later, Dmitry call, during which time
the department will come up with something weapons. His model, he gave the officer.
As agreed, Eremin called in three days. He said with an apology, that, say, the problem with the device occurred. Winding powered the three-phase current voltage of 380 volts, and it … took off, almost breaking through the ceiling, but it's all there Pogorelov. "No, no fig myself guessed! Three-phase current! — Dmitry indignant. — I told them about the ripple current to a small voltage …"
— Are you sure that they burned it? — I asked. — You showed the burnt model?
— N-no … But Volodya, the captain of this so vividly described, apologized … There's sort of serious people, shoulder straps are worn, they do not believe it? However, blunt, probably … I tell them to let me ferrite wire on the winding, half a day I set you gather, there is even no need to solder anything on the stranding can. The generator would be so intelligent professionals — and all! No, it says we have nothing, the other day, they say, even a past vice stolen. It can be seen in the rubble at all of them …
But I do not believe that the military remained alone stupid. There are two options: either gravity flyer Eremina really burned, or decide to pocket the idea. That, however, also says a lot about the level of the officer's honor in modern Russia.
— Do you know their names, phone numbers? — I am interested in Dmitry Ilyich.
— Yes, the phone is still, there are some names, but some people say, that last captain, I only know by name. And currently I have spoken only the name and surname, address and did not give me the phone at all. I thought it better for all if we are to communicate without names. And then, you see, will beat anywhere — he joked. — But I'm not complaining, if they decide to pocket the idea. More important to me to try it out, started to create industrial systems. Time at us, they said, remains a little …
— Why remember me? — I am interested, though, that he has kept going, where to send Eremina who connect to the tests of the gravity flyer …
— So after all I was told, or use significant engineering structures, or through the media … It turns out that was the turn connect reporters to tell all — Dmitry became serious. — But how will you describe the "flying saucer"? After all, once suspected "shizu" … Maybe without the aliens somehow dispense? Although … I somehow honest, as the spirit told you. Maybe others will believe?
Eremin drove away from me through the day, taking away the necessary addresses, names and phone numbers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Of course, I called my friends recommended more attention to the inventor. Now I will watch the events, and if expectations are met by gravity flyer — readers will learn about the continuing stories.

Gennady Belimov, the head of the Volga group to study paranormal (404104, Volzhsky, / I 193).

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