Dr. Abramov often faced




with damage
and knows how to treat it
Businessman Sergei K. … the train was returning from a trip in the near abroad. Returned with the good news — on the eve he managed to sign a good contract. As expected, the entire previous night washed the deal … All of a sudden the train Sergei became very ill: it was covered with cold sweat, trembling, my heart stopped beating like. Nakata terrible fear, he thought that comes to an end.

Composition stopped at the next station. By the carriage rolled "fast." Doctors gave him an injection and quickly became the best businessman. But only until the next station, where a stop had to be repeated …

Fortunately, Sergei lucky. On arrival in Belgorod visited his good therapists. The doctors were unexpected: he's all right, no danger of heart disease is not present. However, the attacks were repeated, and the patient was close to panic. It was then that sounded scary word that my grandmother usually say in a whisper: "Corruption."

Sergei K. came to a medical clinic therapist Belgorod number 7 Yuri Vladimirovich Abramov two weeks after the incident. To remove the "hex", the doctor took one o'clock meeting. Sergey had some time poprinimat drugs — and passed the disease.

Spoilage — that is harmful to health caused by supernatural means — has long been known to mankind. Malicious witchcraft has always been a special section of magic, and this in Russia was engaged once-powerful priestly caste. After the victory of Christianity over paganism Magi ground to the level of the village witch. It was believed that witches could cause damage and those who know with evil spirits, and touch wood — the holders of a special evil eye.

The book Popov "Russian folk-home medicine" (published in St. Petersburg in 1903) describes such methods removal of damage, "evil eye, damage, fear, except conspiracies" frightened "of water, with run-flat icons, and are treated by many superstitious means. Izurochennyh (ie, those who put a spell on) sprinkled with a broom or water from the tub with water, which was poured on the "passionate" candle melted tin, and lead, the Thursday sprinkle with salt and fed cock giblets, frightened watered the ground to scare them out of the track and etc. ".

Judging by the number of patients of Dr. Abramov, who complain that someone had "messed up", black Vorozhbyt Belgorod live and thrive. More often than not "spoiled" sends a woman. Guys rarely resort to such methods of revenge, but suffer from it in the first place. Particularly susceptible to the negative spell most sensitive to the effects of their "unit." Suggest spell, usually at home or on the basis of love: When a husband or a lover's first try to keep using the "love spell", and when that fails — revenge, and, goes, of course, the most "sick" place. One man, who had treated Dr. Abramov, former mistress door smeared with glue, the land slipped under the rug, and in the door jamb stuck a needle — in general, made a classic evil sorcery. Coincidentally, at this time a man got the flu, which was complicated by prostatitis. It would not be so bad, but the man thought that it prevails over the "curse" of the former girlfriend! Urologist has not been able to cope with the disease, and to cope with the temporary impotence could only therapist.

The word "corruption" Yuri often uses when talking to patients. This does not mean that he believes in the supernatural origin of the "evil spell." Just with patients often simpler and easier to talk to such "national" language than to explain what it is, for example, "iatrogenic situational neurosis with panic attacks" — that such a diagnosis was Sergei K. A "point" to a businessman neurosis one of detractors for thereby table where washed contract — it was during the feasts that people called reveals the soul and becomes vulnerable to all kinds of influences, including bad.

"Corruption and the evil eye — diagnoses of traditional medicine, which is easily taken to the national consciousness — says Dr. Abrams. — From the point of view of scientific psychotherapy, "corruption" — a nerve disorder with complex psychological mechanisms based on suggestion and auto-suggestion. " In order to "witchcraft" worked, the victim specifically make it clear that it "spoiled." Of course, that suggestion can not cause heart disease or stomach, but the nervous system can go vrazlad. And as a result — loss of weight, loss of appetite, recurrent fears … A man goes to the clinic, but there, making analyzes, he is told that he is in good health. How can you not come to the conclusion that you enchanted or bewitched?

So people are coming to the "Grandma" psychics. "They can really help — says Yuri — because folk therapy exists and operates in reality. Certain ritual leads to a state of trance, and then follows a positive suggestion — a prayer or a conspiracy. But I think that apply to such "healers" still dangerous: among them are now quite a few lunatics and swindlers who do not shun anything. Often themselves "spoil" and treat themselves. " For one such witch middle-aged man came out of curiosity. And that he was immediately taken aback: "I see you have cancer." And then he promised to heal him for ten sessions — if only he would not go to the doctor. To his good fortune, the man was not easily frightened and was examined — no cancer he did not have at all. However, the actions of "healer" nervous breakdown, he still received.

However, Belgorod psychics in the coming years without work still will not go — in lack of qualified psychiatric help. According to the standards, for every 25,000 of the population has to be a psychotherapist, psychologist and two social workers — and it is only in clinics, not including hospitals. In fact, instead of the required twelve, in the city clinics operate only two psychotherapists.

There are many people with a weak nervous system that can actually become a victim of an unkind 'wishes. " How can protect yourself from this? "A simple way, if you met an unpleasant person or heard in his address to no good — take a bath or shower — advises Dr. Abramov. — And then, spolosnuvshis, listen to how your body fall from a drop of water, taking with them all wrong. " He advises women to listen to smaller friends, especially their concerns about the health or appearance. Prayer helps a conspiracy. By the way, Yuri uses poetic charms of treatment. His first book of poetry was titled: "The wards." Here's one of them, especially from the evil eye:

Eh fell from second run,

Whether evening brought trouble?

On my way out of the snow

Stir towards dog.

Glance off from the white rags.

Stuffy's soul hit nonsense.

Maybe the enemy stabbed skilled

Behind the back of the needle my trail?

Heart shriveled, dying …

Slipped from his hands ring

Wind tore the air, playing,

And with a sweep flung in the face.

Turn away, ill-fated, counter,

Strong fear glazlivy dog!

Evening winter, eternal vagabond

Now carried by misfortune.

In general, try to think less about the poor. The best method of protection against psychological attack — just do not believe in his ability.


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