Earn a lot of money and even more

March 9 at the central office of news agency "Interfax" was accomplished in Moscow press conference of Director General of FSUE "Rosoboronexport" Isaikina Anatolia, where he gave answers to a number of topical issues of military-technical cooperation between Russia and foreign countries.

Aircraft are required and will be built

Create An-148, including military transport version, will not end, despite the crash of an aircraft of this type in the Belgorod region, said Anatoly Isaykin. "I suggest to wait for the official conclusion of the commission, which is investigating. Circumstances can be a huge amount, and better on the subject of guessing, "- he said.

"The aircraft is needed, and many countries are interested in this model, specifically, because after the end of the investigation and conclusions of the commission in any case, this cooperation will continue", — the head of Rosoboronexport allocated.

Voronezh Aircraft Plant manufactures the An-148, along with Ukrainian Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex Antonov since 2008. This year we plan to build nine AN-148, and from 2013 — a year to produce 24 such machines.

Nearly four billion 10-ka

Speaking about the results of Rosoboronexport, Anatoly Isaykin said: "In 2010, with foreign customers were signed more than 1,300 contract documents. We handed 790 offers. All this is possible to form an export order book, which at the beginning of 2011 amounted to 38.5 billion dollars. "

If not for the war … Plainclothes

Anatoly Isaykin so betrothed commented previously head of Russian Technologies Sergei Chemezov amount of cash losses of of not delivered to Libya implements (4 billion dollars), "I think Sergei Viktorovich meant lost profits for a couple of years ahead." According to the director of "Rosoboronexport", "these are the topics that are in the negotiation stage, and not just under the contracts, the prospects that could turn into a real contracts." He noted that "most likely in the years ahead could develop such a figure, if we agreed on everything with Libya."

For the price we'll stand

Anatoly Isaykin said our homeland and France began detailed negotiations over the acquisition of helicopter carriers "Mistral". "The negotiations are going. They only began officially in December of last year, when the state contract was signed with Rosoboronexport, the Ministry of Defence, "- said General Director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise. He said that including discusses the cost characteristics of the transaction.

Earn a lot of money and even more

"I would not say it's difficult. This is a trivial process. These great deals are never in a few months. There are hundreds of features. In this case, for many may be different laws may differ financial support of the treaties. All this needs to open a discussion. To find a compromise. Go to meet each other. Such work is currently held with the French side, "- explained Isaykin.

"Of course, at a cost of painstaking reconciliation. Though what the client is interested in getting to know the structure of prices in order to find whether there is invested people's money "- said the head of Rosoboronexport. According to him, there is a long process to reconcile every Fri, including on the price issue.

Imports at the request of the customer

Anatoly Isaykin not believe that you can talk about the sharp increase in the export of devices for Russian "defense", as the last couple of years for their purchase amount is spent abroad "within the boundaries of 100 million dollars."

Answering the question how the relationship Russian arms exports and imports, he said: "I would not say that is a sharp increase in purchases." At the same time, the ratio between export and import of weapons may have changed dramatically in the case of the acquisition in France of helicopter. "If the" Mistral "is purchased, the amounts will be very different," — said Isaykin.

According to him, the main imported from other countries accessories purchased at the request of Russian weapons customers, namely some elements of avionics for for export of aircraft and helicopters, thermal imagers for aircraft and armored vehicles. "These components zatarivaemsya not because they do not run in Russia, as well as ordered by the customer," — said Isaykin.

Maybe it's the coming of the future

"Rosoboronexport" is in talks with the U.S. military on the supply of Russian helicopters to Afghanistan and Iraq, said Anatoly Isaykin. "Here, I would have said, we are at the discussion stage. As long as there is no contract, but still have the desire to purchase helicopters, "- he said.

The talks, according to him, fled into practice. Representatives of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosoboronexport" is discussed with the U.S. Department of Defense contract terms. "While these negotiations continue," — added Isaykin, highlighting that the supply of helicopters in Afghanistan — one of those destinations, which can be realized in the near future.

He also said that our homeland is the military-technical cooperation with a number of NATO countries, for example participating in tenders for the supply of military equipment to Greece and Turkey. In addition, on the territory of Russia, along with France are enterprises of the military-industrial complex. "We are ready to consider purchasing a separate weapons in NATO countries and to supply products to these countries the military mission, if it will be in demand," — said Isaykin.

Ready to fight

Anatoly Isaykin said that our motherland can take part in a new Brazilian tender, which provides for the purchase of the Air Force for 36 Latin American countries functionality fighters.

"The tender indeed suspended. We look forward to when it will again be announced. Looking forward, there will be a new additional conditions. Most likely not. But, naturally, we want to continue the role in this tender. And of course, we are willing to offer more, "- told the director general of Rosoboronexport. He said that these proposals address the first "offset program that contains a transfer of technology," and developed together with the company "Sukhoi".

With all this Isaykin noted that the suspension of the tender, the postponement of the consideration of the criterion of the tender — not such a rare thing. And coupled with the fact complained, "But from time to time, the organizers of the tender put such conditions role in it, that none of the participants can not quite 100 per cent to satisfy them."

Earlier it was reported that Brazil does not exclude the ability to resume the role of Russian Su-35 in the tender FX2. Initially, the competition, but our plane were presented the French "Rafale 3" (Concern "Dassault"), the South American F/A-18E/F Block II (company "Boeing") and Swedish lightweight fighter "Gripen NG" (company "Saab "). Tender meant in the first step (2015) procurement function 36 fighters, the second (up to 2024) — a joint assembly in Brazil, another 84 cars. So Makar, the total number of aircraft should have been 120.

According zabugornyh media, Russian Su-35 was not included in the so-called small list of bidders. In Rosoboronexport still
say that the Su-35 has a number of compelling advantages over other bidders and better meets the needs of Brazil. Su-35, namely, is the high-speed (2,400 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 11 km), the highest it has more thrust, it is almost twice as much as the French and Swedish aircraft in flight distance (without attachments tanks — 3600 km). The "Gripen NG" only one engine, in other words the smallest combat survivability and reliability. F/A-18 inferior Russian car in altitude.

The Su-35 is a multipurpose super maneuverable fighter of "4 + +". It utilizes technology fifth generation (namely lower radar signature), providing an advantage over aircraft in its class. This is a brand new car perfectly. It is designed to destroy air targets (in free space and on the background of the land) are also ground and sea targets with guided and unguided weapons.

The Fighter received an improved airframe, which allowed to achieve significant growth in the resource aircraft — up to 6,000 hours or 30 years of operation. It will equip the system in-flight refueling and can be used to refuel the same type of machines.

Our partner — Celestial

With total sales of Russian weapons limit China is far not the last, said Anatoly Isaykin.

"The last three years the number we have approximately monotonous: China bought from the Russian Federation from 5 to 10 percent of the total volume sold weapons," — said the head of Rosoboronexport. According to him, talks on increasing the supply of arms to China, which should increase the share of the country's total sales FSUE. "A number of other agreements are under negotiation" — added Isaykin.

Earn a lot of money and even moreHe also said that Russia does not buy products from China military mission. "China we still did not deliver" — highlighted CEO.

Together with the fact Isaykin convinced that the potential of the Russian-Chinese military-technical cooperation is not exhausted: "The last meeting of the intergovernmental commission on military-technical cooperation has shown that there is a promising direction. Just the very form of interaction on the band VCO with China is changing. "

Anatoly Isaykin said that began to appear more so for the experimental design and research. In addition, there are kinds of finished products that China continues to buy from us. "This first aircraft engines, a number of other products," — said the director general. He noted that the PRC as before are keen to purchase ready-made products and there is the prospect cancel.

So far, only one small contract

"Rosoboronexport" expects Saudi Arabia's response to the proposal for the supply of Russian military technology, said Anatoly Isaykin. "Signed only just one small contract for some 10 s of millions of dollars. Others are still under discussion, "- he said.

"We have transferred their commercial offers on the types of weapons that Saudi Arabia would have wished to purchase, are now waiting for an answer", — said the director general. According to him, the kingdom, like other countries, for a long time, bought a South American arms, very long assesses the ability of one or another technique. "The final answer has not come yet," — identified Isaykin.

Nothing is planned

The head of Rosoboronexport, said that the trip to Moscow South American Vice President Joseph Biden is not ready conclude any agreements between Russia and the United States in the sphere of military-technical cooperation.

"During the visits of officials very rarely expected to sign any agreements on the strip military-technical cooperation", — explained Anatoly Isaykin. "We have some plans for that time to prepare some document does not exist. Comes an ordinary routine work ", — said the director general.

Once there are no sanctions, cooperation takes

Rosoboronexport does not want to curtail military-technical cooperation with the Arab Republic of Egypt, said Anatoly Isaykin.

"We have no reason to freeze any dealings with Egypt, where unrest was eventually removed from power of Hosni Mubarak's government", — the head of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise highlighted, noting all this, that with respect to Egypt is not any penalties.

"In this country really was a change of government, but if we suspend all military-technical cooperation with countries that found themselves in such a situation, such a partnership would be braked," — said Isaykin. According to him, with those in respect of which there is no United Nations sanctions, contacts and cooperation last. "We continue to make their commitment to them," — persuaded the head of Rosoboronexport.

On the personal initiative of King of Jordan

The contract for the supply to Jordan, the RPG-32 "Hashim" will be completed on time, said Anatoly Isaykin. Commenting on the state of the contract, the general director of Rosoboronexport said that it is in "advanced state."

It was reported earlier that the RPG-32 "Hashim" is a joint Russian-Jordanian development and is designed to arm the first Jordanian army. He created SSPE "Basalt" zabugornogo in the interest of the customer — at the personal initiative of King Abdullah II.

RPG-32 — the first in the world multikaliberny grenade, shooting of which is 105-mm and 72-mm grenades (firing range — up to 700 meters). Meanwhile, on the basis of a specific military tasks, you can use it in the nicest way.

"Hashem" — the introduction of a reusable instrument: starting device can withstand up to 200 shots. Weighing only three pounds, he is able to destroy virtually all modern and promising armored vehicles, fortifications and also manpower. Equipment used in the grenade thermobaric warheads are unparalleled. In addition, a massive high-explosive action added to the same universal ArmorPiercing action. Thermobaric munitions acquired a universal function for use.

An old friend

RF VCO with Vietnam has great prospects, highlighted Anatoly Isaykin.

"I think that Vietnam is not a distant time will be one of our biggest partners in the sphere of military-technical cooperation", — he said, noting that in recent years a number of large contracts signed not only by the band ready to supply weapons.

General Director of Rosoboronexport said on the transfer of certain types of CPB technology, the ability of the creation of joint ventures, training of Vietnamese soldiers in the higher institutions of the Ministry of Defense.

How to eliminate the loss of

In Russia completed work on a bill that will allow better protect the rights of intellectual property of the Russian Federation on the sale of guns, said Anatoly Isaykin.

"Finalized amendments to the law on military-technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and foreign states, in which the country to the other goals in the field of military-technical cooperation and the protection of intellectual added extras to sell arms," — said the head of Rosoboronexport. According to him, the bill, namely, prohibited the transfer of foreign customers of the results of intellectual activity without defining criterion for their use or ensure their legal protection.

Isaykin noted that the amendments to the law on military-technical cooperation will also determine what can pass subjects of military-technical cooperation of the Russian Federation of the results of intellectual activity, and on what criteria. "So far, unfortunately, there are no legal
rules in this area. This is our minus "- declared CEO. He stressed that our home is a huge loss because of the negligent foreign manufacturers of counterfeit military equipment of Russian and Russian design.

Plus "Ukroboronprom"

Our homeland and Ukraine are negotiating large projects in the sphere of military-technical cooperation with third countries, said Anatoly Isaykin.

"After the creation of a few months back," Ukroboronproma "- a strong company that connects voedinyzhdy virtually all the leading enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, are intense contacts between our military-industrial complex, and this organization," — said the director general.

"Being worked several large projects", — said Isaykin. At the same time, he said he was not familiar with the plans on building a rotary wing Mi-2 and Mi-8 on the territory of Ukraine, as was reported in the media. "As for the construction of helicopters, I can not do anything commented, as I know nothing yet," — he singled out.

They took from the ceiling?

Anatoly Isaykin considers unfounded zabugornyh information in the media that the loss of revenue of the Russian Federation in connection with the possible interruption of deliveries of weapons and military equipment because of the events in the Middle East and North Africa could reach 10 billion dollars-ka.

"With regard to losses of 10 billion dollars, I would like to talk to someone who referred to this figure: where he took it, scraped up such a figure," — said the head of Rosoboronexport.

Second after the United States

Rosoboronexport wants today, the increment in the sales of guns, said Anatoly Isaykin. He said reporters: "Our plans for 2011 will exceed the performance of 2010. I think it will be a substantial step forward — in 9,4-9,5 billion dollars, it's only Rosoboronexport plans. "

In 2010, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise has put on exports of 8.6 billion dollars. Isaykin noted that in the structure of Russian arms exports as before will dominate aviation equipment, including aircraft "Sukhoi" various modifications. In addition, he said, are very much needed Russian helicopters. Also expected to increase the supply of air defense.

Our homeland firmly holds second place among exporters of arms and military equipment in the world and is not going to lose, highlighted Anatoly Isaykin. "During the past 5 years, we firmly occupy the second row in the middle of major states — suppliers of weapons after the United States — he said. — We have a place as long as it's held firmly and do not want to lose that position. While all of the specific features they say in favor of this. "

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