Earthquakes are predicted from space

Specialists Research and Education Center for Remote Sensing of the Earth from space had variations of geophysical fields in earthquake-prone regions, according to the Russian Ministry of Education with reference to the press service of the Scientific Center of Aerospace Monitoring ("Aerospace"). The project was implemented under the auspices of the Centre as part of the Federal Target Program "Research and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia", says the press release of the Ministry.

The report noted that in the history of mankind the most significant damage is done by earthquakes, which are the most formidable and least predictable natural disasters. Impossible to prevent an earthquake, so the main task of modern science is the study of earthquake preparation, determination of its location, magnitude and time of occurrence. Although this task using the achievements of science and technology, the efficiency of the forecast is still very low, according to a press release.

Experts "Aerospace" by satellite failed to find new approaches to the prediction of earthquakes, the report indicates. "Installed on satellites devices allow a distance monitor various changes associated with the preparation and passage of the earthquakes. Such changes occur in the structure of the Earth's surface, surface temperature, magnetic field, gravity, properties of the ionized shell of Earth's atmosphere — the ionosphere", — the press release.

According to the project, the general director of the "Scientific Center for Aerospace Monitoring" Aerospace ", academician, doctor of technical sciences, professor Valery Bondur," method of earthquake prediction is based on a joint analysis of changes in the state of the ionosphere and the surface temperature of the earth surface deformation, manifested before earthquakes who register for the space-based data. "is currently under experimental verification of the proposed methodology of the project, said the scientist.

He pointed out that at present prepared educational materials that help students to engage in research and get practical skills in the use of the developed technique for earthquake prediction for space data. At the same time, "the data will be used to monitor the geophysical processes associated with seismic activity, as well as establishing a system of space monitoring seismic areas in the world for earthquake prediction," said Bondur.

As reported by the Ministry of Education, as a result of the project will be introduced a new method for medium-and short-term forecast of the most dangerous earthquakes.

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