East of Port continues to implement its investment program of renovation and modernization of cargo handling equipment

Of East Port Geographical coordinates of the port: Primorsky Krai, Nakhodka, 42 degrees 46 minutes north latitude, 133 degrees 3 minutes east longitude. The time difference with Moscow +7 hours.

The year began with the active development of the investment program. Last week at the coal port complex have passed the first test buroryhlitelnogo complex. It is designed for use in winter conditions. Its mission — to drill frozen together monolith coal. Once the coal is crushed, the car comes in vagonorazmorazhivatel, where under the influence of high temperature coal moving away from the sides of the car and is then supplied to the car dumper. This technology can significantly reduce the processing time of cars, improve the quality of discharge and to avoid possible damage to the car dumper.

Buroryhlitelny complex is unique. This is a brand new installation made on special order, while only one in Russia. It provides for nine Boers, and it is much bigger and more powerful production model, where only three or four drill. First commissioning went well. Experts have noted a number of issues that remained to be finalized. After that, in the near future, the new technique will be put into operation.

At the same time for the Universal production and handling complex was purchased snow gun "Super Crystal". With the new machine will reduce dusting of coal, which occurs when handling. Snow gun is designed for the production and dispersion of artificial snow. Its performance depends on the pressure of the incoming water. At a pressure of 20 bar, the machine is capable of delivering up to 90 cubic meters per hour snow. Given the storage area of the complex, snow gun — a good tool to use.

The investment program to upgrade handling equipment operates the past three years, during which time it was developed more than 600 million rubles. Technology Park of "East Port" has been significantly augmented: replaced two tandem car dumper, bought two powerful wheeled crane Sennebogen 870, two belt conveyor T5036, two crushing and screening machines Giporec R131C (for purification of coal from foreign objects), two truck Toyota FD15, frontal-bucket loaders Komatsu WA470-3 and K703 tractor-trailer for shunting, two universal crawler excavator Liebherr R 934.

The investment program will last until 2015. In the long term — the replacement of two ship-loaders on the quays of the Coal complex. To increase the storage capacity of the Universal Handling Complex planned to buy telescopic conveyor, four new gantry cranes and two bridge loader, forklift trucks, crushing and screening plants, portable engine and a mobile crane. The investment will be over 2 billion 700 million rubles.

Hardware upgrade will increase the capacity of "East Port."

Of "East Port" — the largest stevedoring company in the Far East of Russia, which specializes in the transshipment of coal using a conveyor equipment. The structure of "East Port" includes specialized Coal Terminal and Universal Handling Complex, which is engaged in the transshipment of general and bulk cargo (such as coal, clinker, coke, iron ore, timber, etc.). Ability to work with metal, cellulose, alumina, chemical, long-and heavy lift.

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