Economy or Premium?

Economy or Premium?Deservedly popular pet owners enjoy premium food, because its use does not need to worry about any additional food. Breeders are well aware that the use of products of dubious quality can not only make a dog lethargic and passive, but also cause various diseases. Premium and super premium — is of the highest quality ingredients. They are the main source of protein is meat, not soybeans or corn, both in economy class.

Perhaps the best known deserve dog food Hills. In Kansas, for more than half a century, operates research and technology center, which employs many nutritionists, physiologists, and veterinary specialists. Such a serious approach to have produced results, making the company the world leader Hills, producing quality food for pets.

The range of daily food is a balanced diet, created by veterinary experts to fully meet the needs of healthy dogs at various stages of life. The balance of the ingredients in the production of therapeutic pet series enables all the necessary nutrients. After this line was designed by veterinarians for the prevention and treatment of many diseases that affect pets.

In the production of this brand uses only the highest quality components that create the best possible balance of all necessary for the growth and development of the dog substances. Hills — this is a huge selection of food for animals of different ages, breeds, created with all the needs and characteristics. Another important advantage of this product is quite affordable price.

More often on the shelves of pet stores can meet domestic food Brit, delivered to our country by the Czech company Brit Pet Food. The main feature of the diets of the manufacturer is a high content of ingredients that promote the four-legged pet immunity and protect animals from the adverse effects of various environmental factors.

Brit brand — is not only dry food and super premium, but also delicious preserves. Company realized main areas pet food, to address the needs of dogs of all ages. Offers a line of products for puppies, adults and elderly pets of various breeds.

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