EDB Dry can revive the Su-80


The company "Sukhoi" responded to the call of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to focus on creating a new airplane for regional aviation. Invent new liner is not required, "Dry" is ready to get it off the shelves already half-forgotten project cargo and passenger liner Su-80 was designed to carry 30 people.

"We are ready to revive the Su-80 and to the economy of this type of aircraft. You can do it in Komsomolsk. But the strategy of development of civil aviation changes no one has brought "- told reporters recently vice president of finance" Civil aircraft "Sukhoi" (GSS) Eugene skate.

According to him, the government formulated the task of producing new aircraft only in respect of the number of seats. But there was further elaborated on what airfields new liner should be used and how the engine should be equipped with. According to him, we can talk about the transportation of passengers in the distance 1500-2000 km. At the same time, Mr. Kon'kov noted that GSS produced aircraft SSJ for the carriage of passengers on regional lines will not work.

The program of the Su-80 was closed several years ago. According to the website of the company "Sukhoi" Su 80 — multipurpose cargo aircraft, designed to carry 30 passengers or cargo weighing up to 3,300 kg on the local and regional routes in any geographical conditions, day and night, and adverse weather conditions. Intended to replace the An-24, An-26, Yak-40. The aircraft is powered by two turboprop engines CT7-9B development of General Electric. The aircraft operated by two pilots. Take-off and landing characteristics allow to operate the aircraft in smaller airfields, including on dirt, ice and snow. Feature of the aircraft is a quick convertibility of the passenger version in the cargo.

The cost of the aircraft in 2006 prices range from 230 to 280 million rubles.

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