Element in Mariupol: thunderstorm, heavy rain and flood

In Mariupol 15 and August 16, the storm was raging. De-energized and the storm stopped sartans electric vehicles. Downpours flooded the city …

As the site of the city of Mariupol, storm and rain with a strong force attacked the city. Less than an hour of the city has resulted is rainfall, which, together with the previous rain, spilled on the night of 14 to 15 August, exceeding the monthly norm.

Storm deenergized settlement Sartana. Now emergency team went to the scene to find the cause of an emergency shutdown. In addition, repairers replacement of two TEC spend the transformer that burned after a storm on Monday.

Because of the rain has stopped the movement of trams on Kirov Square, st. Kazantsev, "7-fare." Do not go to the trolley and the Kirov Square in customs at the Nakhimov Ave.

on weather forecasts, while Kommunalnik relax yet. Soon Mariupol feature new showers and squally wind during a storm.

MARIUPOL inundating

In Mariupol save homes from flooding. According to the Department of Civil Security and the protection of the population, currently in Mariupol flooded 16 homes.

Distress signals came from Zhovtnevy, Illichivsk and coastal areas. At present, the water pumping involves two pieces of equipment KP "Kommunalnik" 9 cars gave Gorvodokanal.

Also on the site of a disaster are specialists' Zelenstroya "emergency diving services of the City Council. In total — 56.

At the same time work on clearing livnevok. Remain problematic sections of the road in the Primorsky Boulevard, Kirov Square, where livnevki can not take a huge amount of water accumulated in the valleys, in addition, sewers constantly clogged debris, which is applied with water.

In the elimination of consequences of natural disasters in Mariupol continue.

In Mariupol STILL storm warning

On August 17 in Mariupol again predicting rain and strong winds.

According to information announced gidrometeoobservatoriey Mariupol, 15 and 16 August in Mariupol had the monthly rainfall.

Only for the morning on August 16 the city collapsed to 15 mm of precipitation. And the weather is not going to back down. According to forecasts, todayweatherwill be rainy.

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