Emergency mode is introduced into the affected area of Hurricane Khakassia

State of emergency was introduced in the Shira region of Khakassia, hurricane victims, emergency dispatched its forces to eliminate consequences of natural disasters, said on Thursday EMERCOM in Khakassia.

A powerful storm front, accompanied by strong winds, rain and hail, walked Khakassia 13 and August 14. Most of all from the disaster suffered Altai Krai resort, famous for its lakes. There are damaged power lines, houses, roads washed away, destroyed crops.

"The authorities have appealed to the leadership of Khakassia Russian Emergencies Ministry for assistance in the aftermath of disaster, has caused serious material damage and human settlements Dream Galdzha Altai Krai. At suffered major hail and strong wind area introduced a state of emergency," — said in a statement.

By Thursday morning in a settlement Sleep experts MOE launched a mobile control, fully equipped with all types of communication.

Besides MES assume the most basic living conditions for the construction crews that will mend in communities affected Galdzha Sleep and housing and social facilities.

"The warehouses storing EMERCOM Russia's Khakassia all property — tents, beds, mattresses, bedding, and other accessories — ready for shipping", — stated in the release.

On Thursday, from Moscow to Abakan central office representative arrived Russian Emergencies Ministry to provide professional assistance in assessing the material damage caused by the passage of Republic thunderstorm on August 13-14.

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