End of the World — the theme of the Roman Festival of Science

ROME, Jan. 21. / Itar-Tass Vera Scherbakov /. Inevitable destruction of the Earth and humanity is dedicated Science Festival, which opened Thursday in the Italian capital. "The end of the world. Instructions for Use" — the official theme of lectures, discussions, seminars, exhibitions and informal meetings to be held in Rome's Auditorium "Park Music."

To tell the public about the options doomsday invited prominent scientists, including astrophysicist Brandon Carter in 1983, wrote a sensational job "Evidence Judgment Day." According to his calculations, the likelihood that humankind is at the last stage of its existence, is 95 percent. Among other prestigious speakers — cosmologist Lisa Randall, a theory put forward the parallel dimensions, and the philosopher John Leslie, who believes that humanity before Earth is exhausted capacity, will be able to diversify into other galaxies. All take part in the Festival of 60 scientists, science fiction writers, astrologers from around the world.

Possibility of the existence of humanity on other planets is dedicated exhibition "End of the world — the answer astrophysicists," organized by the National Institute of Astrophysics. In another section of the exhibition, visitors can "survive" natural disasters, such as a volcanic eruption or earthquake, simulated using the installation in 3D.

The apocalyptic theme of the festival was inspired by the excitement around the Mayan calendar, which ends on December 21, 2012. However, according to the organizers of the scientific forum, they will dispel the pessimism. End of the world will be discussed with humor and a popular scientific way.

"Mayan Prophecy — the last thing we gather here to remember. Doomsday theme — perfect for attracting the general public, as well — a good opportunity to conduct research not dull conversation," — said the artistic director of the Festival Carlo Bo, who calls it the main task — to attract / by jest form / — people's attention to the serious problem of depletion of the planet's resources, which may eventually lead to the death of the Earth.

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