End suverena

What is happening now in Belarus — not just an economic crisis — wrote on the site «Gazeta.ru» editor in chief of the magazine "Russia in Global Affairs" Fyodor Lukyanov.

That what's going on now in Belarus — not just an economic crisis. Ends an era. One and a half decades with little President Alexander Lukashenko tried to build a sovereign and politically independent state without engaging with anyone in real integration relationship, avoiding the use of economic transformation and contradictions neighbors as a source of financial and political stability.

The country is back to basics. Before her rise again fundamental questions. On what ideological basis to develop The Republic of Belarus? What is its economic model? The extent to which it is prepared to share sovereignty and with whom?

Almost all post-communist states responded to them in the mid-1990s. And even if today does not look like all the then solutions accurately, strategic direction can not be changed. Minsk as it turns out, the way while not chosen, but only postponed the decisive moment for a long time.

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