Energy classification CC

Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev proposed energy classification CC — extraterrestrial civilizations. Based on the fact that any reasonable activity requires energy, he suggested the existence of three types of CC.

I. Civilization earthly level, the energy consuming of 1020 erg / s and operating scale of the planet (and its immediate surrounding area) and use its resources.

II. Civilization, whose power consumption is 1033 erg / s, that is, using most of the energy of its star, the resources and the space of its planetary system.

III. Civilization with power 1043 erg / s, that is exploited by all the energy of his galaxy.

From this classification should be for the unfortunate Earthlings fact that our civilization is on the scale of the cosmos infant. With still so limited, we are unlikely in the near future to establish the existence of our universe, "fellow human beings", that is our level of VC (I type, by NS Kardashev). Seem naive and trying to catch the radio messages addressed to us from outer space, conducted for several decades in various countries within the framework of CETI (Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence). They are known to have failed. And could not be crowned. As the calculations of some scholars, such as VS Trinity, sending omnidirectional radio signals over distances of tens or hundreds of light-years is a very difficult task even for the CC type II, and only for the computing center such as ours — and possible at all. And the higher civilizations clearly has other advantages as well, such social networks, compared with that network vkontakte facebook or just childish pranks.

Transmit radio messages like "all-all-all" could, in principle, VC type III. But will they do it? Whether we are presenting to them any interest? Hardly. How cleverly put GA Skarabahatau, "… expect them unsolicited message — the same thing that somewhere in the depths of student-scientist troechniku wait hearted message from some academic."

And anyway, is not it too we overestimate the possibility of radio? Yes, today the Earth Science unknown faster, long-range, cheap way of communication, but this in no way means that in principle can not be opened any better. Do not hold me like the Papuans of New Guinea, until recently was considered the best way to communicate with the neighboring village drum "Morse code" tom-tom?

It is much more likely to have open in the cosmos Civilization II and III types — mainly astroinzhenernoy observing the results of their activities. The activity that changes the properties of stars, galaxies and even more so, can not be evident. These "converted", the converted stars and star systems should not be in the framework of scientific usual ("natural") classifications be unusual, "strange." Are the astronomers to similar objects? Yes, known! Some of them even as it was officially called — "peculiar" (from the English peculiar — strange). That's just no one dares to tie their "strangeness" to the activities of highly CC. How is it possible, "quirky" theorists have not even looked over every conceivable "natural" choices! How is it possible to break the taboo — "presumption of natural"?

The matter is further complicated by the fact that some of the objects and phenomena in the universe can be both natural and artificial origin is. VC II, and especially since the type III can artificially reproduce natural phenomena (because even we can with our yet quite scarce opportunities artificially provoke earthquakes and magnetic storms!). Therefore, interpretation of a "strange" object often depends on the kind of "presumption" confesses interpreter — "natural" or "artificial." And if some Dr. really wants to become an academician, then certainly he will not violate the rules of etiquette taken aka-pandemic circles. And these rules one of the cornerstones of the established "presumption of naturalness."


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