ENZO KAZOLINI present and future FIGHTER
The outgoing executive director of the consortium Eurofughter Kazolini Enzo (Enzo Casolini), who worked in that capacity for four years, in an interview with Flight Daily News said about the present and future programs from Typhoon, reported June 15 flightglobal.com. June 19 in this post it will change Alberto Gutierrez (Alberto Gutierrez).
Kazolini said Eurofughter is naikrupneyshim European defense project for the production of fighter Typhoon, in which 4 participating countries (Germany, Italy, Spain and England) employs more than 100 thousand people. If you will be ordered fighters Tranche 3B, this decision will allow fighters to produce this type of right before the year 2018. The decision is dependent on the outcome of elections in Germany, which will be held in September. It is clear that Italy and Spain are opposed to this tranche. England believes that if we obtain new export orders instead of Tranche 3B, creation and can be extended beyond 2020.
Currently, «Typhoons» comprise the Air Force four member countries of the consortium, also Austria, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Negotiations for the supply of the second batch of fighters for Saudi Arabia, as the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. The consortium also not be discounted India, whose government is difficult negotiations with the French company Dassault. According views Kazolini, New Delhi still not firmly spoke on what exactly is needed for the Air Force Rafale. «We are ready for what ever eventuality and await the decision of the Indian government,» he said.
Huge export hopes connected with equipment fighter «Typhoon» airborne radar with active phased. Aircraft with such radars will be raised to the sky, first in 2014. Customers expect this fighter as soon as possible, and not in 15 years, said Kazolini. In the future, a fighter can be resettled thrust vector control that will turn «Typhoon» in the «unrivaled plane.»
Asked about the South American F-35 fighter and its promotion in Europe, Kazolini expressed the view that it is «politically driven programm United States.» Plane experiencing problems in development. «Maybe in 10 years it will be bad, but now the fighter is halfway to becoming a real combat aircraft,» said Kazolini.

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