Equipment Prirazlomnaya passes the acceptance

On a unique fixed offshore platform "Prirazlomnaja" (Pechora Sea), constructed of "PO" Sevmash ", finalized acceptance committee, which included representatives of" Gazprom Neft Shelf, "" security Gazprom "," Gazprom state control, "Federal Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision and others.


Commission were filed several systems of the first stage, including one of the most important — emergency stop system: on the platform successfully tested gas fire suppression system. Ahead of skilled manufacturing one of the most difficult areas — delivery of an extensive system of ventilation systems and other equipment of the first stage. In order to meet its obligations on time designers, engineers, workers in plants that provide work for the "Prirazlomnaya" should exert maximum effort. Overall, the general director of OOO "Gazprom Neft Shelf," Alexander Mandel praised the work carried out by the on MISP.

The platform was installed offshore, about 60 km from the coastareaVarandey settlement Nenets Autonomous District, August 26, 2011. Here it is firmly "planted" on the bottom at a depth of about 19 meters, sprinkled with a protective stone shaft.

"Prirazlomnaja" was laid on the "Sevmash" in December 1995 on the order of "Gazprom". It is designed to develop the oil fields of the same name on the shelf of the Pechora Sea. It is the world's first platform that will work in extreme climatic conditions in the Arctic: in pack ice and temperatures up to minus 50-degrees. The size of the support base platform at the bottom — 126 to 126 m, the height to the top of the flare tower — 120 m, weight about 110 designs tonnes, its capacity for 110 thousand cubic meters of oil, a residential unit designed for 200 person staff. MISP will provide year-round drilling 40 wells to a depth of 7 thousand tons, production, primary processing, storage and shipping of hydrocarbons on tankers.

Recoverable reserves of oil are estimated Prirazlomnoe to 72 million tons, which allows to reach an annual level of production — 6.6 million tons at fullpowerMISP production due out after 7 years of operation.

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