EXHIBITION IDEX-2013 PRESENTED armored personnel KRAZ-ASV/APC/2013

EXHIBITION IDEX-2013 PRESENTED armored personnel KRAZ-ASV/APC/2013
The exhibition IDEX-2013, held in Abu Dhabi (UAE), February 17-21, accomplished presentation of the new armored KRAZ-ASV/APC/2013 joint production of PJSC «AutoKrAZ» and the company Ares Security Vehicles LLC (Dubai). It is reported News.kompass.ua.
This armored vehicle is based on the all-terrain vehicle-KrAZ-5233NE 4×4 and armed Russian diesel engine JAMZ-238DE2 330 hp and Chinese box Shaanxi 9JS150TA-B. Level reservation STANAG 4569 — level 2 and 3 of ballistic and explosive effects, respectively. Equipment provides different models of car engines and transmissions at the request of the customer.

KRAZ-ASV/APC/2013 intended for timely delivery of personnel of military units and fire support, what can be resettled with modern weapons and means of active and passive protection.

Reportedly, the first days of the exhibition confirmed the expectations of manufacturers armored that it will need a military peacekeepers and various countries of the world.

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