EXPO 2012 will help preserve the oceans — the director of the pavilion of Russia

World Exhibition EXPO 2012 on the problems of ocean ecology and coastal areas has made an important contribution to the conservation of the ocean for future generations, the director of the Russian pavilion at Expo 2012 Tatiana Sadofeva.

World Exhibition EXPO 2012 on the theme "The Living Ocean and the coastal zone: the variety of resources and their management" was opened to the public on May 12, her work will last until August 12. The exhibition is attended by 104 countries, 10 international organizations, including the UN, as well as many multinational companies.

"Such exhibitions are badly needed: if you look at topics discussed here at scientific conferences, you know that it is made here a global policy for the conservation of the ocean — each country on its own, unfortunately, can not handle it," — said Sadofeva Russian journalists .

She also noted that the environmental problems of the ocean depends not only on the politicians and scientists, but from everyday actions of all human beings without exception. "Respect for the ocean, in fact, made up of the relationship of each person: the child in the family should teach someone take care of the water, and his parents, someone has to teach", — said Sadofeva.

According to her, the EXPO, being not purely scientific, and, above all, educational activities, contributed to the fact that thousands of people have learned more about the ocean and how to protect it. Sadofeva cited the example shown for the UAE pavilion movie about how plastic debris causes the deaths of sea turtles.

"After this film, we were here on the beach and I saw the plastic, took it and carried it up the mountain to avoid being washed away (in the water) … I think the little speck we are doing a great job," — she said.

Russian pavilion manager stressed that the Russian section at Expo 2012 as consistent with the objective world exhibition, because the exposure it was drawn up and presented in a way that any visitor, regardless of age and level of education, was able to find something interesting and understood the idea exhibition.

"We have a pavilion for each visitor: he wanders in search of what he would see. As he entered, he began to tell … It's a big job — 93 days and pay attention to each" — Sadofeva said, noting that the Russian pavilion popular, and every day for him is a long queue.

Commenting on the results of the international jury awarding the Expo, she said she was upset because the expected first. "I may be a little too emotional, of course, a silver medal is a good place … I guess the silver medal is very good, but a poor soldier who does not dream of becoming a general," — she said.

International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE, Bureau International des Expositions), which is the primary registration authority world fairs, each presenting Expo pavilions of participating countries prizes for the best opening theme Expo, as well as for the best exposure.

At Expo 2012 Russian pavilion received a silver award in the category "for the best exhibition of the topic" among the pavilions of Category A (the largest pavilions at Expo).

In the previous two world's fairs — Expo 2008, held in Spain, and Expo 2010 in China — the Russian pavilion also won silver — "for the exact opening theme" among the largest pavilions.

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