F.Vyachorka: Our exception — it's the panic of losing power in the party

Franak Vyachorka comments on his exclusion from the ranks of the BPF Youth.

Do you think your exception illegitimate?

Vecherko: Even in Soviet times, at a meeting of the Young Communist League call and hear the guilty. They also held a meeting in secret, chairman of the organization, the executive secretary, who was removed from his post, not even informed. Hidden behind an abstract formulation: "" defamatory member of Youth BPF? . "

Ales Kalita, who became intsiyyataram exceptions, generally can not be a friend of the Audit Committee, as a member of the Administrative Board of the Seimas and the BPF. In BNF, like Lukashenko: the executive, legislative and judicial power — the same people.

If you did not recently participated in the organization, criticized the majority of its steps, why would you join it?

BNF youth — it's my baby. We created it as a place of like-minded. However, I never chased posts. We spent a lot of companies: "I listen to the Belarusian music," "Against the abolition of privileges," "Defend Loshitsa Park", "For the professional army," "For Belarusization mobile operators."

In the army, I did not stop activity, some of my colleagues have joined the Youth of BPF. Since April, we held the shares for Children's Day, an anniversary Bogdanovich against the control of the Internet shtoshasnatstsataga overlooks the square. With Ivan Shyla launched a campaign "Our Army", organized film screenings and concerts, have prepared a new website BNF Youth.

Well excluded, so what? Who did — and he will do. Work no end. Ahead of elections, and Place. Dubbing films into Belarusian. Music, art projects.

What you give a political assessment of your exception, as well as other events in the BPF recent months?

Vecherko: Yanukevich Kastusyou and realize that they are losing ground. Half of the team went to frontovtsev Sannikov or Neklyaeva, the other half has been working on Milinkevich. Our exception — is panic of losing power in the party and try to crush the last living thing that is left in the BNF — Youth.

Meeting for the preparation of the BPF Youth Congress held in secret information — closed to members of the BPF Youth. Their group acts as a Red Guard in 60 years in China, hiding behind the leadership of the Party. We are faced with a forgery of documents, false lists of delegates. Something similar abyvalasya eve of the Party Congress in the autumn of 2009. For them, Lukashenko — not the enemy, but rather a cover-up.

All the excluded — Koipish, and I Krechko — public figures, current and former chairman, executive secretary. Us hundreds of successful campaigns, events, campaigns. People come to us. They do not. They are sitting in the office on Masherova up gossip and discuss them, shudder at the thought of losing positions and funding.

We had hoped to the last that Kastusyou show political wisdom and unite frontovtsev around his name. Because no significant differences. On the contrary, intra intrigue intensified. This bickering has nothing to do with the fight against Lukashenko. Continues to sweep the politically active youth.


Franak Vyachorka

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