Family Homel policy to sue police

August 25 The Central Court will consider the claim of Gomel Larissa Voronezhtseva to managing inquiries ATC Gomel Oblast Executive Committee. Wife of activist and politician George Voronezhtseva requires the council returned to her children and belongings and money — $ 4,700 seized during the search of the apartment.

May 18 in the apartment Yuri Voronezhtseva, like dozens of other activists civil campaign "Tell the Truth"Searches were carried out. The reason was the decision of Leninsky district police investigation Victoria Yukhnevich under Article 250 Criminal Code — spreading false information about products and services.

In Gomel searches were the employees of the Internal Affairs investigation of Gomel Oblast Executive Committee. They did not explain that they were looking — took away computers, phones, cameras, video tapes and discs, even with a record of Ramstein. Personal belongings and money that have no relation to the company's "Tell the Truth" Larissa Voronezhtseva and requires a court to take control of the inquiry.

Earlier, the court addressed himself, Mr. Voronezhtsev, but the court gave him back his claim without consideration. In this case, the policy was advised to seek protection of their interests in the prosecutor's office, but just before the writing of the claim, he appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office, but the treatment is the result was not.


Voronezh "Tell the Truth"

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