Festive cocktails — Safe?

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Behind the New Year's holiday. Make it a beautiful and memorable sought each. And not the last role in this played a selection of dishes and drinks. First of all we are talking about New Year's cocktails. Beautiful multi-colored glasses, bright, sparkling ornaments on the legs of glasses, and drink themselves of all colors of the rainbow — it is always a lucky find for the holiday table decoration. And every year the recipes are becoming more original and unexpected.

Cocktails are a pleasure to hold in their hands, they complement any image, refined and suitable for any occasion, from house party to a serious buffet. Cocktails are usually have a pleasant taste and is easy to use as a standalone drink, unlike other alcoholic liquids. And therein lies their greatest danger. Any alcohol in combination with various additives, especially soda and juices, is absorbed faster, and the degree of intoxication and control is difficult to assess the amount of alcohol consumed during the holiday. And the morning after waking up cocktail reception is not so rosy as it seemed.

In addition, it is drunk cocktails are most often the cause temporary memory loss. This syndrome is a scientific explanation, and it is expressed in the full or partial disappearance of the memories of some events. From medical point of view more than evident. Sweet, savory drink cocktails slowly through the tube, which contributes to the absorption liquid is in the oral cavity. Scientific evidence shows that the digestibility of any liquid increases by 10 times, if you hold it in your mouth. No wonder nutritionists recommend "chew" even soup — salivary enzymes allow faster process and dissolve the food for its speedy digestion. In addition, the liquid falls under the tongue, which is absorbed almost instantly. And if you drink carbonated and contains more drink, then due to gas bubbles alcohol immediately enters the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body, affecting the nervous system.

Very sneaky cocktails that are based on energy drinks. Their method can lead to malfunction of the heart and even death. Unfortunately, in our country, these drinks are not yet banned, and in Europe to sell them already imposed a hard freeze.


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Detoxification and Coding

Curious fact that a person who is a party, it is not necessary to drink cocktail of alcohol to feel intoxicated. Drinks containing alcohol in the most minimal doses, lead to the same result. In many cases, the placebo effect works: even if man only believes that the drink contains alcohol, it can be drunk as if it tried.

In other words, drink cocktails to be careful, mindful of the consequences. To prevent unpleasant results of a nice evening out, it is advisable not to drink alcohol on an empty stomach, and before the start of the holiday to take some pills Antipohmelin (malic acid) for the effective relief of fetal alcohol syndrome. At the first sign of intoxication is desirable to eat something salty to delay moisture, easy to drink more or acidulated water, because alcohol causes dehydration. If the situation is more serious, you feel unwell, and morning awakening is a real challenge for you, then the best solution is to call a specialist in drug dependence. Very handy if the doctor-psychiatrist be able to leave on the desired address and provide prompt assistance. Proven and reliable service provides a level of clinic "Alkomed."

Convenience calls (phone 925-05-64) Professional help with intoxication — during the holiday season can be fun and safe to enjoy any drink!


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