Fighting meteorites is the highest level

Fight with meteorites in Russia is the highest level

Today the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will present a full report about this problem and how to solve it. At a meeting with Prime Minister Deputy Prime Ministers, this topic will lead Dmitry Rogozin. They know in advance the main thing — require enormous budgets.

Earth needs a system of threat detection — is the main conclusion of monitoring, made to order, Dmitry Rogozin. How much will it cost? Already figured out. The amounts required prohibitive.

However, no one has not exactly understand what it is, says managing editor of the "Independent Military Review" Victor Litovkin: "It is worth big money, more than $ 28 billion. Astronomers have already announced.

But the belief that they can create a system that will reliably cover up the country — no. Can simply "cut it" this money and in the end nothing happens. Because predict — when, where and at what time will fly comet or asteroid — now nobody can. Of course, should the government do something, but what — so far no one knows.

Rogozin made an entry in his microblog: "detection system will still have to create." So, the money just to stand out. Warning system will require a lot of equipment — from radar and satellite dishes to laser navigation systems. Regarding the assessment of damages and compensation, the experts advise to copy the Western experience.

It will be cheaper, the vice-president of the Russian Society of Appraisers, Eugene Neumann, "How do, for example, colleagues in the West, something happened spend all evaluation activities, check out how much to spend, and then return the money if it is a budget money. Next, there is the compensation, if someone was insured. There are also different sources of compensation for that damage. This is such an extraordinary emergency. "

What can and should the government do with meteor attack? Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said the development of an asteroid defense system as a business solved. However, experts state, we are running ahead of the engine.

While there are no technical possibilities to deal with the kind of force-majeure Chelyabinsk. First, it is a challenge for all the world powers. If you imagine that they will find a common language problem can not be solved technically. Modern tracking systems detect even unguided ballistic missiles, which move along parabolas. But the trajectory of the meteorite is not subject to any forecast, nor, of course, for monitoring.

That's what told Business FM chief researcher at the Institute of World Economics, Vladimir Dvorkin: "From the moment of discovery, if you could find it, I emphasize, if it were possible, to the fall was so little time, that there was no warning and no warning be. No air defense system, and we really acting only air defense system — is not able to reliably detect, and even more so to hit these "fireballs." Missile defense system we do not have, but it would be even as the U.S. system is the same type of "Aegis", could not repel such a "race car".

The damage caused by a meteorite impact only in the Chelyabinsk region exceeded one billion rubles. For federal programs to combat new threats require a hundred times more.

Meanwhile, in Chelyabinsk regained more than half of the buildings hit by a meteor shower. Major damage — it's broken glass.

Only in the last day glazed over five hundred houses. By the recovery efforts attracted 24,000 people, including volunteers. And in Rospotrebnadzor reported that the water in the lake Tchebarkul where presumably a meteorite fell, meets all the parameters. On the eve of the bottom of the pond divers went down, but did not find the meteorite fragments.

RIA "Novosti"

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