Finished building the first of three Ka-226 helicopters for Russian Air Force

Kumertau Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KumAPP) Has completed production of the first three helicopters Ka-226 for the Russian Air Force contract for six helicopters, which was announced on January 6, 2011 Helicopters are at the factory flight tests, after which they will be transferred to the Air Force for testing and evaluation. Long-term contract between KumAPP and the Russian Ministry of Defense will deliver 36 helicopters to be delivered in separate batches on an annual basis, to the extent the allocation of budget funds. The first two or three orders will include helicopters in a base of certified civilian version of the Ka-226, equipped with a turboshaft engines Rolls Royce M250. The following series will include an improved version of the Ka-226T, equipped with engines Turbomeca Arrius 2G1 and new avionics. Ka-226 will be used as a trainer and as a light transport helicopter and connected to the Air Force.

Ka-226T is a member of the Indian Ministry of Defense tender for the purchase of 197 light transport helicopters to replace the existing helicopter Chetak and Cheetah, in which his rival is Eurocopter AS550C3 Fennec.

Sources in the bureau "Kamov" made it clear that their design team is very pleased with the results of flight tests conducted in India in 2010 showed a helicopter that can carry on an external sling load of 1000 kg at a distance of 200 km, and meets all the requirements specified in the tender specifications. The final decision of the Indian Ministry of Defense regarding the winner is expected this year.

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