"Courier", 11.08.2001, Brooklyn, New York, n82

Author: Michael Gerstein

Flying fireballs like fireballs, but unlike them, can travel through the air for a very long distances and behave as rational beings.
Curious little incident connected with the ghostly lights of Marfa — so they are named after the town in the plains Mitchell Flats in west Texas.
One night, someone Jeff Brady came here to witness the wonders of Mitchell Flats. As soon as Jeff was in darkness to it shining balloon flew and hovered twenty meters on the level of the head. Intrepid explorer stepped forward. Another step, more …
The ball turned red, and is divided in two, as if to show his displeasure. Brady took another step forward and suddenly flew into the air! 'It's like some kind of threw me up energy meter and a half, and tossed back "- he told me afterwards, happy that lightly.
Elton Miles in his book "History of the Great River" brings cases when the meeting ended with the lights of Marfa much more pitiable. Machine, just ripped up the desert turned into a charred pile of iron, and their passengers disappeared without a trace in a hellish furnace or going crazy. As neither of them tried to pull out what happened in response heard only laughter or mumbling incoherently.
Most often, they are seen in the distance: the lights fly away or disappear as soon as someone tries to approach them. People were trying to overtake them on foot, on horseback, by jeep or even on airplanes. Some pursued them more than forty miles, but at the decisive moment the lights disappeared. Once frustrated researchers turned back again lit balls behind them. Fritz Cal, a resident of Martha, said catch them — the same as trying to catch a rainbow or catch up with the fleeing horizon.
"I saw in the distance the colorful balls of fire that rose in the sky, merged, separated, and again rushed down — told Alan Nichols. — They changed color, becoming green, yellow, blue, sometimes orange. Balls shone brightly, dimmed dissolved in the dark and re-lit. They were the size of a volleyball.
I have spent many nights on the Mitchell Flats, watching the lights. Sometimes they were very active (especially when I did not have the camera), and sometimes do not appear at all — when the camera was at the ready. "
These balls appear and over Redford — section length of 50 miles along the highway Prestidio — Layitas. Locals say that the lights of Marfa very effectively look after the rain, when their dance is accompanied by sheaves of blue and orange sparks. Balls baffled even experienced border guards who thought it flashlights in the hands of smugglers or the lights of their vehicles. Very easy to make a mistake here: the balls have learned to imitate the headlights, holding on two low over the ground. Only when the "lights" scattered in different directions, the guards realized their mistake. Where the lights were flying, never found tire tracks.
The lights do not recognize borders. Manuel Jimenez once saw two fires merged over the river Rio Grande, one flew in from the USA, and the other — from Mexico. On the other side of the river, where it flows into the Rio Conchos, they too often see.
The reasonableness of the behavior of the lights is no one questioned.
Elvira Peña from Redford told the researchers that the lights twice chased her car, simulating the light, that is a pair of flying low over the ground. Fortunately, they did not cause her any harm.
Illiterate Mexicans believe that at night the witches turn into Marfa lights and look out for whose soul to steal. They say that in the area of Lomas de Arena is a place where young witches learn to fly. If the fireball hit a rock, the next day you need to carefully scrutinize all the girls: the one that comes with bruises or scratches, and there's a witch. It also happens that the superstitious villagers set fire to the house of a girl, as soon as she ran out in her shooting silver bullets …
Many of them believe that witches transformed not only the lights, but also in the joint, not to impersonate light. Francisco Kviroz admitted that one night noticed a bright yellow ball on a nearby mountain. He was flying, covering the ground and touched the tree, then flew to the second, third … When the sun came up, Francisco saw among the branches of the most ordinary owl. "I knew that under this guise hides a witch, — he said — so he took a slingshot and kill her." Skeptics have suggested that the owl just get covered in luminous rotten.
Of course, scientists do not believe the local tales. But they can not explain what is flying over Texas.
"At first I thought these lights — just a distant car headlights — said physicist Edson Hendricks. — In August 1993, I had to change my mind. I saw two white fireballs. They change color — from red to yellow. Around one of them was a halo of bright red sparks. then swapped balls. After two or three minutes that ball that was a hundred yards from me, flew up. It shone like a lump of burning magnesium, but not left a smoke plume. I was blinded by his light. was just this thing can not be confused with any fire, a made man. "
Exactly the same lights flying near Rtani — hills to the west of Serbia. About fireballs zipping over the fields, said dozens of local residents.
Lights Rtani least ferocious than their overseas relatives. Twenty-eight years ago, Novica Milosevic, a lawyer from Soko Banja, walking in places with their families. At this time, overtook them, and a ball of fire. Brother and uncle novices were burned alive in the fires of hell, and he was blind forever. His fate remains a stern warning to people who are trying to penetrate the mystery of the deadly fires.
It turns out that this is not just experienced in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Some have even hypothesized about the regular visits of spirits and ghosts!
In 1897, the famous Cesare Lombroso published the article "Light Karnento phenomenon." This phenomenon is very similar to ball lightning, for many years, surprised residents Italian province of Piedmont.
"The phenomenon has been observed for a long time almost every night — testified Strömbom captain of the local garrison, who tried to solve the mystery. — Flow it is almost big lamp, but if you look at it closely, increases so that sometimes reaches 60-70 cm in diameter. moving it from a small village church of St. Bernard toward the cemetery is as if successive jumps. Around midnight, the flames back from the cemetery to the church.
Explain how the flames coming out of the church, you can not. Apparently, no one ever came to the luminous ball, to examine it closely … Argue that this fire burned some items. "
Strömbom noticed that some people can see the ball, and others — no. By the way, sometimes it so happens during UFO sightings!
"This phenomenon, in my opinion, deserves attention — said Lombroso. — It is necessary to investigate, and if, to some extent can be attributed to it in the summer, but in any case, I do not see how that will be able to find an explanation in the winter and in a relaxed atmosphere. "
Dr. Girzino of the University of Turin also noticed that not all given to see the phenomenon Karnento.
Nearby, in the province of Padua, earlier each day appeared a mysterious ball.
"The light rises from the ground through the fields and quietly floating in the air at a height of eight meters, — wrote the Countess Ida Corer in Genoa newspaper" Veltri "in 1908. — From time to time, however, he falls and is often removed or approaching with the speed of thought . values it with a large flashlight.
Last winter, some fools have not found anything better than to shoot him with a gun. The ball disappeared, the next day he
appeared again, but split in two. Thus, he appeared a few nights, and then the two parts are connected, and it is whole again. But since then, the peasants say, he does not have the same size and light it less bright. However, last night I could admire it in all its splendor. It shone like a star. The whole county was watching the phenomenon for several months. Each evening, more than forty people admire this amazing phenomenon! "
In 1904-1905, the lights of the town Egrin cause fear and religious awe in the UK. The priest A. Freyer sent a detailed questionnaire to all the witnesses and received such responses: "I saw the light every night about six weeks — said Mrs. Jones Eysluerford. — Sometimes it looked like a flashlight, like the car, and moved without causing anyone any harm. At other times, he had the appearance of two lights, surrounded by tongues of fire, appeared and disappeared. Sometimes it seemed like lightning — sparkle and immediately disappear, even happened that he took the appearance of a very bright star. "
One of the villagers Dolgaev povedap that saw the fire eight consecutive nights. Mysterious ball moved slowly along the chosen route, and once pulled at high speed! An eyewitness said that the fire was a light or in places where there could be no other lights.
Newspaper reporter, "London Daily Mirror" came to Egrin to personally look at the lights. After a long wait, the fire seemed, and he, too, had seen to it!
After 1905, the lights began to appear less often, but not disappeared. During the First World War, they fall into the reports of the military, who thought it spies honking German airships. September 4th, 1915 at 9:30 pm Lieutenant General William Drury saw "a bright white light evenly over the meadow rising to a height of about 50-60 feet." In his report he wrote: "His trajectory is clearly visible against the background of a dark forest and hills … We were within a mile of the light source and clearly saw it rise."
In 1923, there were lights in Warwickshire.
"It was about seven in the evening — described his observation journalist for a local newspaper. — We looked back and saw 200 yards strong flashing light, like a light bike lights. Us he was just fascinated. He flickered at high speed through the bush and took wickets, then come close to us, flared up and went to the ground. "
In Malaysia, there is a belief that the dead woman in childbirth are transformed into a glowing ball — penangal that sucks the life and mind at random travelers. British explorer George Maxwell recorded the history of a certain Beginde cassock, who stayed to work at night on a hill frequented by penangalom. The next morning they came for him, they saw that Beginda crazy. He was not able to clearly describe what happened that night.
Maxwell, he decided to stay on the hill and saw two lights. They abruptly at an angle of 90 degrees, turned and rushed toward him. Do not lose his presence of mind, Maxwell said that it was the fire balls the size of a human head that moved with tremendous speed. Fortunately, the ball sped past half a hundred meters.
When Maxwell told this to one official, who said that the Englishman was very lucky and that he miraculously survived.
The same lights appear frequently in Australia. The first report of them appeared in 1878. The newspaper "Golburn Herald" published an article on March 16: "Recently, there was widespread superstitious great excitement. Many of them are going to groups, taking weapons, on the pasture near Stuart Garden, where an unfinished stone house. As they say, here comes a ghost in the form of a moving fire. Sometimes fire flies slowly, but often very quickly — from the river up to the house. Passing it diversifies the fire scene flying through the trees. said that this is going on from early evening until three in the morning, and all attempts to come closer to the fire suffered failure ".
Ransom Uett in his book "History of Golburna" wrote that one settler said, as if the fire destroyed a shotgun blast.
In the 1890s, people often see ghostly lights, flying on one, sometimes two at a time over the roads and the plains of South Australia. Farmers and miners of Orroro Munthe often took solitary lights of a distant lamp cyclist, and when seen near the fire, he was perceived as white light. All attempts to catch the lights that were flying at about fences were unsuccessful.
In France and some other European countries such lamps are called mortal candles: according to tradition, to see them — to someone's death. Published such a story: "Someone N. says that one evening in June 1899 about 9:00 he was standing at the open window and noticed a sudden flame, flying over his head. Slowly he got up and flew skirting the walls and houses, towards one the house where he lived with each N. Here spark was gone. N., despite the fact that followed the flame for at least a quarter of an hour, did not attach a value to it, because he knew that his friend is in good health … But at night he slept very bad early in the morning and rushed to his friend, much to worry about it. Imagine his surprise when his wife met each other in tears and told me that the day before her husband was thrown out of the crew, crashed heavily in the morning and he died. "
Back in 1685, Nathaniel Crouch said: "There is an unusual belief according to which on the eve of the death of an Indian tepee or white over night there is a fire. Woke me one day about 12 o'clock at night, and I really saw the light slowly flies over the church in the direction of the village. This means that in two or three days, someone will surely die. "
Renowned folklore collector W. Evans-Wentz is in the twentieth century has recorded the story of the people of Wales on death candlelight.
"They are like pieces of light — said the farmer. — When they appear all around and lights up with a bright light, even at night is as bright as day." Candle "- not a real flame and glowing mass of light blue color, which is dancing and moving; if someone sends her, and she often moves in a circle. And no spark at all, but someone's soul. "
However, most serious researchers support a different hypothesis — Earth lights. Geophysicists believe that over the crustal faults can occur luminous formations that move along a fault line under the influence of telluric currents. However, as they arise, no one knows.
"We understand that the little lights in the Earth — admitted recently the head of the seismological service of the USA John Doerr. — We do not know exactly what the source of electricity, as it is carried to the surface of the earth or how it is focused in the air as these lights. We do not know why some live longer than others. We still have a tremendous amount of work. "
Whatever may have been the mysterious lights flying regularly in their chosen routes, one thing is clear: the solution of their visits will not soon!

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