First Paradise (4 movies) Watch online

First Paradise (4 movies) Watch online
In front of you a vivid portrait of landscapes, animals, plants, Mediterranean and interesting story about the relationship between the world of feral nature and man. Countries located on the Mediterranean coast, is considered to be the territory of ancient human settlements. Nowhere else man had no such significant effects on the environment. And this impact is very varied with time. By bringing together research in the fields of history, archeology and natural science, the famous naturalist Sir David Attenborough has made a careful study of the region. In his movie you will see how the animals are evenly reincarnated for the man from the gods in the livestock and agriculture development dramatically changed the course of civilization. From the Huns to the Crusaders, any war and migration has a new impact on the world of animals and plants, and at dawn of the industrial age began large-scale exploitation of natural resources. And even in spite of that, the Mediterranean is still preserved on the magnificent beauty and abundance of feral world of nature.

1. Creating a Garden: In the first series, we learn about the geological processes that shaped the Mediterranean. How did the sea is like fish and other animals began its settlement. We will see Mount Etna and the island of animals evolved in isolation. First people, the inhabitants of the Mediterranean basin.

2. Enslaved Gods: This series tells about the first civilizations from primitive to become the foundation of modern civilization and born on the Mediterranean Sea and is the Cretans and the Etruscans and the Romans and their gods — from Artemis to Mithras.

3. Echoes of War: 3rd series — tells about traveling tribes and their relationship with nature. The Huns and the Bedouins and the emergence of Islam, the birth of the Arab civilization Crusades, the domestication of horses and falcons.

4. Strangers in the garden: This series — 19-20 century. Construction of the Suez Canal and the first experiments with scuba diving Jacques Cousteau willows, not only merit, and the threat hanging over the fragile ecosystem of the Mediterranean.

Nature (Rivers, mountains, landscapes, etc.)

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