Fish kill in the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine

Mass fish kill occurred, according to preliminary results from the release of hydrogen sulfide in the Dnieper estuary Nikolayev region in southern Ukraine, the General Directorate of Ministry of Emergencies in the Mykolaiv region on Friday.
The information entered on this Thursday in operational control services MES in Mykolaiv region. Fish kill occurred in the Dnieper estuary near the village Ivanovka Ochakovo district.
Coastline in the area surveyed Commission.
"The concentration of dead fish is five copies of one square meter of shoreline, the total number — about 300,000 copies. Preliminary cause of death — the release of hydrogen sulfide from the deeper layers of the water," — said in a statement.
Water samples were taken and the fish for laboratory and diagnostic studies.
Due to what happened at Ochakovo district administration established a working group to investigate the causes and immediate action.

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