For locust control in Tatarstan use small aircraft

The attack on locusts Tatarstan. Earlier in the weekIA REGNUMreported that the voracious insects have been found in a small area in Jutazinsky districts. Today, July 29, the head of the Tatarstan branch of the Federal State Institution "Russian Agricultural Center" Hadeev Tahir told the agency that the so-called Italian locust (grasshopper species) are found in two areas of the country — and Almetyevsk Bavlinsky

Owners of private enterprises are trying to deal with a parasite on its own, but, according to experts, it is unlikely to yield a significant result: locusts breed rapidly and are very resistant to most pesticides available to farmers. Moreover, to combat these insects "land" means virtually useless.

So in Almetyevsk district local administration, connect to the local locust flying club. Its activists pollinate with gliders areas where parasites were identified. The effectiveness of these measures is not reported.
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