Foreign direct investment in Russia in 2012 amounted to $ 60 billion



Foreign direct investment in Russia in 2012 increased to $ 60 billion from $ 56 billion in 2011, said Minister of Economic Development Andrei Belousov at a meeting of the State Council on Thursday.


 "While we often criticize ourselves, and rightly criticize, for the quality of our investment climate, in general, to attract investment in Russia among other countries looks quite positive," — said Belousov.

According to him, in 2011, Russia ranked ninth among the "Big Twenty" on the volume for the year attracted foreign direct investment. "This is in view of the general trend of outflows from emerging markets due to the debt crisis in Europe" — said Belousov.

"Without taking into account this factor, Russia  for five years, raising $ 263 billion in foreign direct investment. This sixth result in the world and second only to China among the BRICS countries, "- said the Minister.

In two of the four factors that influence the attraction of investment, Russia is a leader, namely financial stability and opportunities of the internal market.

In international rankings to attract foreign investment in Russia is among the leaders in two ways — the macroeconomic situation (2nd place among the G20) and the potential of the internal market (7 th place among 140 countries), the minister said.

However, in terms of infrastructure development and state government agencies Russia lags behind the leading countries. In this regard, the main efforts of the Government aimed at addressing these very issues.

According to Rosstat, the inflow of foreign investments into the Russian economy for three quarters declined by 14.4% YoY to $ 114.5 billion with foreign direct investment increased by 4.6% to $ 12.277 billion

 Recall that Putin, as Prime Minister, put the problem in the near future to go to pre-crisis the level of direct foreign investment — 60-70 billion per year. "Us need to seriously step up efforts to attract foreign investment in our economy. This is a task for the federal and regional authorities, "- he said.

FAQ: Foreign direct investment (FDI dec) — a form of foreign capital participation in investment projects in the country of the recipient of investment, which is characterized by the active participation of the investor (or its representatives) in the organization. FDI — the most popular forms of investment in developing economies, as it allows you to carry out big and important projects, and in addition to the country receives the latest technology (for example, when creating a production), the new corporate governance practices, etc.

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