Foreign investment in the Leningrad region increased by 2.2 times

The volume of foreign investments in the economy of the Leningrad region in January-September 2012 increased compared to the corresponding period of 2011 by 2.2 times — up to more than a billion dollars, according to the materials Petrostat.

In particular, foreign direct investment amounted to 826.5 million dollars, portfolio — 45.7 million, other investments — 133.8 million dollars.

Of the total foreign investment 473.4 million directed to the development of manufacturing industries, 193.1 million dollars — to the development of transport and communications, 151.2 million dollars — in the manufacture of rubber and plastic products, 120.1 million dollars — in operation since Real estate, renting and business activities.

The main investors carrying out investment in the region: Cyprus (388.4 million dollars), Finland (170.8 million dollars), British Virgin Islands (148.6 million dollars), Germany (104.9 million dollars), the UK ( 52.5 million), U.S. (46.7 million dollars).

Among the CIS countries in the economy of the Leningrad region received an investment of 400,000 U.S. dollars, of which 90% comes from other (in January-September 2011 — 43 thousand dollars, all the investment portfolio).


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