Frequently asked questions about the method of Golden Earring ® (FAQ)

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"Golden NeedleEarring Magic …… Dr. Mukhina … "Girls who dream to lose weight, pronounce these words like a mantra. And no wonder: the weight-loss method, developed by a physician acupuncturist, PhD Mariyat Mukhina, physiological, virtually no contraindications, and guarantees results.

For those who decide to get rid of extra pounds with the help of the Golden Needle ®, we have selected the nine most popular questions about the procedure and asked them to its author — Mariyat Mukhina.

Question 1. By what method to lose weight Fly?

Weight reduction is due to the growing process of lipolysis and formation of correct eating habits. We are working on the appetite center, we help people get rid of improper eating, breaks all pathological food circles. And ultimately forming healthy eating habits.

Question 2. What is the difference method Golden Needle ® from conventional acupuncture?

Because there, and there it comes to acupuncture, there is a misconception to say: "Mukhin patented all reflexology." I would like to clarify: the biologically active points I invented. They discovered the ancient Chinese over 5,000 years BC. I have invented and patented a new way to impact on these points and new medical tools that this effect is produced. Open up new possibilities of prolonging the action of acupuncture, that is, an increase in the time and magnitude of the effect of the acupuncture.

Difference 1. Create akustrakta ™

In traditional acupuncture spread isolated pricking — for each point has its own needle. We have proposed a new technology: the group of points on a particular recipe is connected with a special needle, which is fixed retainer, resulting in between these points creates acupuncture channel — akustrakt ™ (acoustic — needle path — the path). This artificially created channel histological changes occur (epithelization, tissue regeneration, exfoliation), which promotes production of micropulses, due to this increased stimulation is appropriate reflexogenic zone, the regulation of appetite, fat metabolism. Akustrakt — mikroakupunkturnaya new system.

The effect of this exposure is several times higher than if the same point pricked separately, i.e. each dot in the needle set is not producing a channel therebetween.

Unlike 2. Passive acupuncture

Special design tools for Golden Needle ® method enables not only the active acupuncture (actually, the impact of the injection) but passive — that is, no one is touching the needle, it runs itself. Due to the bulk head with spikes needle presses the fabric, and there is a constant stimulation of the relevant reflexogenic zone (in the case of the fight against excess weight — areas of appetite at the hypothalamic).

Unlike 3. Duration of exposure

We first used the needle as an implant — it is introduced into the patient's ear for a long period of time (from several months to several years). Unlike conventional acupuncture using our method is prolonged therapeutic effect on the body with a more pronounced therapeutic effect.

Question 3. Techniques, designed for long term use, often addictive, and over time their effectiveness is reduced. As you went around this problem?

Getting used to the medicine is really a serious problem from the drugs, and ending any procedures. The fact that the disease, and the body quickly adjust to external shocks, it is necessary to constantly change the dose, drugs, modes of treatments to cure chronic disease. And we often work precisely with recurrent disease — obesity, allergies, neuroses, so for us the question of how to avoid getting used to the long-term effects of acupuncture are extremely relevant.

Habituation is usually regularly repeated exposure same type, but in the case of our methodology, it is not there. In akustrakte ™ occur variety of histological changes, in addition, he provoked a needle, and, therefore, does not produce pulses are of the same type. To enhance the effect, we have developed a special anti-adaptive suspension of the needle, which cause additional system of chaotic oscillations. Therefore, our tool for acupuncture called "kit with anti-adaptive effect" — that is, there is no getting used to it.

Question 4. What are your methods of the age limit?

We work with all age groups. Of course, our method has limitations, but they are not associated with age, but with the state of health of the person. Contraindications for the use of the Golden Needle ® are: pregnancy, lactation, epilepsy, cancer, chronic cardiovascular, renal and hepatic failure, etc.

— A diabetes?

This is a relative contraindication. Recent studies have shown that our method gives good results in these patients, but this requires a special selection of food and the control of blood parameters.

Question 5. How many pounds in a month you can lose on the method of Golden Needle ®?

From 4 to 10 kilograms, while spending only one session.

Question 6. By reducing the weight is often a "sag" leather. How to deal with it?

With the help of acupuncture facelift — our patented technology. In fact, we do acupuncture needle acupuncture patient (not a "gold", as usual). In this case, specially designed equipment acupuncture treatment and the angle of impact contribute to the formation in the skin of special "threads" — autofibrill ™, which act like a corset, tighten, tone and even rejuvenate the skin. The result will be noticeable within two weeks — pulled the contours of the face and body.

The main advantage of technique — it is physiological and natural, no side effects. Indeed, in contrast to, say, gold thread, autofibrilly ™ is not foreign to the body.

Question 7. You can guarantee that after your weight method will never return?

In medicine, the warranty can be given only the Lord God. I would like to echo the words of his colleague Tapia Fernandez, known cosmetic surgeon: "We can give a guarantee on the work, but we can not give a guarantee for nature." You can not give a guarantee for nature and people — it's part of nature. How can we guarantee that our technique after a woman is not pregnant? But pregnancy is in itself contributes to weight gain.

We can not guarantee that a person will reach a healthy weight, it will not be assigned to agents such as hormonal, which contribute to weight gain. We also can not guarantee that once a lot of stress will not return to his old eating habits that a person starts to seize up stress, rather than solve the problem, or, for example, to hold a session on the method of Golden Eagle ® for the prevention of weight gain. How can we guarantee the absence of all these factors and circumstances? It's life. It's the nature.

Question 8. In the public health centers are working on your technique? How not to run into a fake?

Following the procedure Fly ONLY work in the centers ORIGITEYA ®. All other medical centers that promise to provide treatment method Golden Needle ®, do not have my technique to do with it.

Question 9. Do I need a rigid diet on the method Fly?

The diet is necessary, but it is nourishing diet is comfortable with a wide variety of dishes. No hunger on it does not feel. Some foods actually have temporarily excluded from the diet. But many of them: alcohol, potatoes, grapes, cereals, flour, sweets. Everything else is possible and necessary. Conversely, if a person begins to restrict your diet, it ceases to lose weight. When losing weight in the body is lipolysis (fat breakdown),
to implement it needs enzymes. They can be synthesized from the air, it needs fats, proteins and carbohydrates. If the person at the right time makes their body, then it slowed lipolysis, weight reduction is in this case due to fluid loss, but the result is not stable.

Source: Clinic ORIGITEYA ®

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