Gajdukevich: Presidential elections are scheduled in December

Today, the Palace of Culture MTZ Congress began the Liberal Democratic Party. It was opened by the chairman of the party, owed.

The program of the congress discussed the participation of candidate for the presidency of the LDP in the future Sergei Haidukevich presidential election. According to Haidukevich, Elections will be appointed in December of this year.

Mr. Gajdukevich said that from now on it will start the campaign. In 8060 the initiative group of people already. This team is able to collect three million signatures for Haidukevich presidential candidate.

"But not so much need. Enough of one million", — added Gajdukevich.

In Congress participate About 700 delegates. Have representatives of foreign embassies.

Party activists, guests, journalists received gifts — in a package with a portrait Haidukevich bottle of vodka and with his portrait and printed matter.

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