Genital infection — lurking threat!

Is it safe to say that the holiday was a success? What can considerably impair the life, both men and women after a romantic vacation?

Well-being after a holiday may be just an illusion. In most cases, neither the non-committal relationship does not have consequences either for men or for women.

The most common problem vacationers — the "disease of love" or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Pleasure without consequences?

This is only possible in the movies. In life, things are different. The perfect state of health after a vacation can be deceptive and hide the development of dangerous diseases.

Secure sex condom? This trivial method may help to protect against unwanted pregnancy, but do not give 100% protection against infection. Are not as safe oral and anal sex.

Infection may occur not only during intercourse. The pathogen can be transmitted by blood, saliva, semen, through joint hygiene.

But the dangerous pathogen can be detected immediately and start treatment without waiting for the onset of symptoms— The visible manifestations of sexual infection. The first symptoms — is lost time.

Time to sound the alarm!

A large number of STIs do not give any symptoms of the disease, develop hidden, gradually passing into the chronic form. This means that the treatment in this case is more time consuming and costly.

The appearance of symptoms of the disease suggests that valuable time away forever and that it is now to sound the alarm and contact a qualified doctor (Gynecologist, urologist or venereal diseases), if this was not done in advance.

What might bother?

  • painful, frequent urination;
  • discomfort, burning, itching in the genital area, urinary tract;
  • perineal pain during sexual intercourse;
  • highlight the different nature of the sexual organs;
  • appearance of the skin and mucous genital lesions, erosion, fine bubbles, etc.


Is it possible to endure the discomfort or drink antibiotics, purchased at your local pharmacy? No! Possibility of self-deceptive.

Self-medication only drown out the unpleasant symptoms. This will create the illusion that the disease had passed, and in fact it will not go away. Genital infection can begin to develop private and will become chronic.

Complications STI — one of the most dangerous in its effects on human health. They pose a serious threat to the health of both men and women.

Beat "below the belt"

Genital infection causes a devastating blow to the sexual function of men, leading to a violation of potency, unstable erection, ejaculation disorders, etc.

The development of urethritis, prostatitis, orchitis, and other inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs of men, and their painful symptoms, significantly reduced quality of life — men pay for neglecting their health.

What do women?

Genital infection triggers a devastating impact on the strength of the inflammatory process, affecting all organs of the female reproductive system.

As a result may develop vaginitis, adnexitis, salpingitis, endometritis and other inflammatory diseases, the symptoms of which are converted into a series of life experiences and troubles.

But the worst thing — the consequences of STDs: pelvic adhesions, blocked tubes, the pathology of the cervix, endometrium inferiority, etc.

As a result may develop infertility, miscarriage, miscarriage, premature birth, neonatal disease.

Applies to all!

Is not sad, but under the weight of dry medical terms and diagnoses are always based on real people's lives.

Young people who want to establish a relationship with the opposite sex and to lead fulfilling lives, families, over the years trying to have children, women and men who have been diagnosed with a terrible cancer diagnosis.

Infection and inflammatory changes may cause the development of cancer in both men and women. A particular danger in this plan is genital herpes virus and human papilloma virus (HPV).

It is important not only once to identify and treat the infection, but also to be surveyed regularly.

When you need help

At any time, doctors multidisciplinary medical center ON CLINIC ready to provide the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic care.

Diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections in ON CLINIC — A set of laboratory tests, which revealed significantly genital infection, the particular pathogen, its type and quantity.

In ON CLINIC based on its own laboratory provides an opportunity to pass all the tests for one visit and get the results as soon as possible from day 1.

Doctors, urologists, gynecologists and Venereology OH CLINICS used for the treatment of STIs and their complications as time-tested and unique (author) methods, and different hardware techniques (physical therapy, ozone therapy, etc.).

Take care of early diagnosis for a happy future!

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