Genital infection — the invisible threat

On the nose — summer! A favorite holiday season and holiday novels! But often, in addition to pleasant memories and sweet souvenirs from holidays bring unpleasant health problems in the form of genital infections or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

STDs — is the symbol of a broad range of infectious diseases transmitted mainly through sexual contact.

However, they may be transmitted in other ways. Therefore, infection can occur not only as a result of random romantic adventures, but also in public places: a swimming pool, sauna, etc. In other words, at risk, especially in the summer, includes virtually everything.

By STDs include mycoplasmosis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, genital herpes, ureaplasmosis, cytomegalovirus infection, toxoplasmosis, a papillomavirus infection, candidiasis, etc.

After infection, the infection may not manifest itself in any way for a while. This is the "incubation period" — the time until the onset of symptoms of the disease, it can last from several days to several months. At this time, the infection develops in the body is hidden.

When running to the doctor?

Excellent state of health immediately after a vacation can be deceptive and hide the development of a dangerous infection. Fortunately, a dangerous pathogen can be detected immediately and start appropriate treatment without waiting for the visible manifestations of the infection!

To prevent the disease, it should be at least twice a year to be tested for infection.

Remember! Even if one partner has no symptoms, it can be a carrier and be a source of infection.

Is it possible to treat the infection on their own?

The possibility of self-healing is illusory and deceptive. Independently using drugs can suppress symptoms and live in peace for a while. But this disease does not disappear, it just starts to develop latent and becomes chronic.

That is why the treatment of genital infections — always individual, depending on certain characteristics of the individual patient. Prescribe treatment can only doctor-urologist, gynecologist or venereal diseases on the basis of the survey data.

Are exposed to genital infection?

Women she faces complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

Men infection can provoke breach of potency, the development of prostate and other inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs.

Genital infections — one of the most common, but treatable causes of infertility. The main thing — time to see a competent doctor.

Infection and chronic inflammation can cause the development of malignancies in men and women.

Especially dangerous is the genital herpes virus and human papilloma virus (HPV), which can lead to the development of cancer.

There is a solution!

Diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, it is necessary to diagnose and detection — treat yourself and a partner under a doctor's supervision.

Help reveal the dangerous infection techniques such as serological blood tests and PCR, special bacterial crops.

Serological assays detect antibodies in the blood produced by the immune system in response to the presence of an infectious agent. PCR diagnostics allows us to investigate the genetic material of the pathogen.

These two methods complement each other and provide an opportunity to assign adequate treatment.

ON CLINIC — a multidisciplinary medical center of international class, which effectively assist both men and women. Modern diagnostic facilities reveals a particular pathogen and pick up individual treatment.

In ON CLINIC conducted a special study to identify the types of human papillomavirus, representing onkoopasnost.

Own clinical diagnostic laboratory ON CLINIC produces results with guaranteed authenticity and as quickly as possible — from day 1.

Doctors, urologists, gynecologists and dermatovenereologists ON CLINIC is used to treat infections and their complications as time-tested as well as modern methods of treatment (including the author), as well as modern hardware techniques (physical therapy, ozone therapy, etc.).

Pass the tests for infection in time — protect yourself and your loved ones!

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