Genital infections in men: no one is safe

When the question of who is suffering sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and how widely they are distributed, most people will tell you that these diseases — the lot of prostitutes, homosexuals, in general, "persons with promiscuity," and such a small minority. And they will be wrong.

Of course, a large number of sexual partners increases the risk of infection, but fully insure against sexually transmitted infections (STDs) May be the only one who has never had sexual intercourse. And that is conditional — some of STIs can be transmitted in other ways.

The number of sexual partners — is also conditional thing. Nowadays, practically no situations where people have lost their virginity to each other and are faithful to the rest of your life. The risk of infection increases with the number of not only their sexual partners and their partners partners partners partners, their partners, and so on.

As a result, according to the World Health Organization, every day in the world is a million cases of STIs. In the year, respectively, about 350 million, that is an STD suffer every 20th person in the world, if you count the children and the elderly. And if you take into account only the people of the sexually active, this number will be even more daunting.

Surprising? No, if you remember that STIs are not limited to all known HIV infection, syphilis and gonorrhea. In addition to them, this group includes chlamydia, chancroid, granuloma inguinale, genital herpes, human papillomavirus infection, trichomoniasis, molluscum contagiosum, and a number of other diseases. In addition, sexually transmitted infections are affecting other organs, such as some viral hepatitis.

And many of genital infections have acute onset with pronounced symptoms, which is why the patient for a long time did not go to the doctor and is not treated, continuing to infect their sexual partners. Often there are also cases of asymptomatic carriage in which the man himself is not sick, but serves as a source of infection. If we add to this sense of embarrassment and shame that is associated with diseases of the intimate sphere, it becomes clear why most experts do not have to deal with acute cases of disease, and chronic, which are more difficult to cure.

About what place in modern Russia occupy STDs in men, what role they play in the field of men's health, it is necessary for them proper diagnosis and treatment, said urology and andrology skin and venereal diseases clinic network "Health" David Harutyunyan.

From our experience with appeals of men about sexual infections are becoming more obvious trends. First, despite the constant development of medicine, men with sexually transmitted diseases are increasing, and are turning more and more young people. Second, rarely have to deal with one particular infection — most patients have a number of different pathogens. And third, there is a problem often microbial resistance to antibiotics, since before going to the doctor, many are trying to make their own, the advice of a friend or information on the Internet. All this greatly complicates the diagnosis and treatment of STDs.

However, specialists clinic network "Health" believe that developed an approach to provide the necessary aid to the maximum number applied. It begins with a survey of STI — all patients should be encouraged to be tested for genital infections, and on whole range of STIs. This allows you to detect even low-intensity, "hidden" outside the period of exacerbation of infection and asymptomatic carriage. The success of the diagnostic tests provide the right to take STI under the supervision of clinic staff and the most sensitive techniques, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR), immunological and microbiological studies.

Also, before starting treatment with an STD patient should remember what drugs and what scheme he tried to appeal — it helps to outline the tactics specialist treatment until the results of the test for sensitivity to antibiotics (this is not a quick study, as it is limited by the rate of growth of bacteria in the culture medium) .

Specify the degree of virus infection of individual organs and the whole body extra help techniques: common blood and urine tests, pelvic ultrasound, etc. They also help to identify possible contraindications to certain medications.

And only when the diagnosis is finally clear, develop individual regimen (like drug and non-drug) and begins his own treatment STDs. And it begins, not only the patient but also his sexual partner, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. Typically, in the course of therapy will have to be patient — for sexual infections, especially chronic ones, a set of drugs, physical therapy and other treatment methods are appointed for a long time. But there is nothing to do — such schemes STI accepted all over the world, and nothing more perfect until you come up with.

Do not believe the charlatans who promise to cure all three days or "one session" — that just does not happen. By the way, do not deserve the trust and private clinics, which are taken for the treatment of HIV, viral hepatitis and syphilis. By law, these infections can only deal with public health facilities, and contact with the people involved in illegal activities — is more expensive.

When treatment is completed, be sure to reassess STDs, to ensure complete cure. And only when the specialist is satisfied that the result is achieved, he will congratulate patient recovery.

Such an approach, according to its own statistics, a network of clinics, "Health", allows for the complete elimination STI approximately 90% of patients (unfortunately, to achieve 100 per cent result in absolutely all genital infections even at the present level of medicine is not possible).

Improve the chances of success allows timely access to a doctor. And since, as noted above, many sexually transmitted infections develop gradually without obvious symptoms, all sexually active people who care about their health and their partner, it is recommended to undergo periodic screening for these diseases. This volume diagnosis does not take a lot of time and money, but it provides peace of mind for their sexual sphere and allows in case of infection is rapidly and completely cured, without waiting for complications.


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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