Genital infections

Genital infections.  Photo from

Genital infections (sexually transmitted diseases, STDs) — a group of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. They are united by the possibility of transmission by sexual contact. In this case, may be affected as genitourinary system and other tissues and organs, or even the entire body.

Due to the specific modes of transmission, the risk of infection depends on human sexual behavior (number of sexual partners, condom use, etc.). Unfortunately, too many people are promiscuous and neglected means of protection — this is eloquent testimony to the history of the epidemic HIV. The first reports on the epidemic began in the early 80th of the twentieth century, and now it has become the victims of 50 million people.

Ironically, most people prefer to close their eyes to the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, going to the doctor only when symptoms become apparent. First of all, there is the psychological barrier of fire: man the latter tries to avoid thinking about what might be sick. The second reason is the simple lack of knowledge. Especially because of this insidious disease categories is that in the beginning they can proceed in secret, without causing serious general disorders and even just discomfort.

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