Germanys top-secret project, Ahnenerbe.

"Anenerbe. " The existence of this strictly secret organization founded by the personal participation of Adolf Hitler almost 100 years ago — the object of the most intense interest of the supreme leaders rank the United States, the Soviet Union (Russia), France, England, China … And that was it: a fairy tale, fiction, storing unclear the sinister taynoznaniya ancient civilizations, extraterrestrial knowledge, the magical secrets of supernatural forces? Let us try to understand …

Hitler's Germany was vigorously engaged in research of new variants of arms, trying to get ahead of the rest of the world. Best of the best minds were focused on the invention of machines destruction, capable to turn the tide of the war. Now we have information that their searches are not satisfied with the overall science and deepened including the occult, mythology and the paranormal. And all of the most obscure and mysterious organization engaged in the mystical "Ahnenerbe" (German Ahnenerbe — «Ancestral Heritage"). The origins of the "Ahnenerbe" comes from the occult organizations "Germanenorden", "Tula" and "Vril". Actually they are the "three pillars" of the National Socialist ideology, supporting the doctrine of the existence of prehistoric times, some of the island — Arctida. The mighty civilization, which were easily accessible almost all the secrets of the universe and the universe, has died after a giant disaster. Some people managed against. Subsequently, they were mixed with arias, giving impetus to the emergence of race of supermen — Germanic ancestors. That's it, no more, no less! And how can we not believe it: it hints at it clearly comes through in "Avesta" — the ancient Zoroastrian source!

Proof of his own racial theory Nazis sought out around the world — from Tibet to Africa and Europe. They dug up ancient manuscripts and manuscripts that contained information on the history, magic, yoga, theology. All that contain even the slightest, even the famous mention of the Vedas, Aryans, the Tibetans. The biggest interest in such knowledges showed the tip of the control of Germany — politicians, industrialists, the scientific elite. All of them were trying to seize the unprecedented, the highest knowledge, encrypted and scatter throughout all religions and magical beliefs of the world, and not just ours. In many ways, immoral and monstrous — the organization in bright colors showed the true face of fascism. The Institute conducted thousands of experiments zhivoderskih: Allies captured soldiers, women, children put their lives on the altar of the genetic and physiological experiments fascists! Not only professionals executioner of science as well tormented elite SS — members of the "knight" awards: "Lord of the Black Stone," "Black Knights" Tula "and sort of a Masonic Order inside the SS -" Black Sun ". The action of various poisons, exposure to heat and cold, pain thresholds — these are the "scientific" program.

But also, studied the probability of mass psychological and psychotropic action, on the Creation of the superweapon. "Ahnenerbe" with German thoroughness divided the work on the following fronts: the creation of Superman, medicine, the development of new non-standard weapons (including those of mass destruction, including nuclear), the application of religious and mystical practices … and the probability relations with highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations.

It is now recognized that the foundation of the ideology of fascism was laid secret societies long before the emergence of the Nazi state. The famous explorer "unearthly" K. Velasquez argues that some occult "keys" and give information manmade. In particular, the drawings and description of the "flying disc", according to its characteristics significantly superior to aircraft equipment of the period. On the development of the Third Reich in the field of "flying saucers" Now we know a lot, but still more questions than answers.

As far as the Germans succeeded in this? Who helped them? Were working collapsed after a war or continued in other parts of the world the secret? How untrue rumors that the Nazis had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations? One of the most mysterious areas of research scientists of Nazi Germany are developing aircraft, similar to the "flying saucer", or, as they were called during the war, the Allied pilots, "Foo Fighters . " These "plates", judging by the pictures, did not differ from the UFO, which often seen in different parts of the earth. Here are just sitting there were not humanoids, and SS officers.

Papers captured the allies after the war, and the results of interrogations of German scientists told that the Nazis were working on the creation of unusual vertical take-off devices for many years.


According to rumors, in 1936. near the city of Freiburg (Freiburg), Germany, crashed UFO. He was found and probably German scientists Vril Society (Vril), using the SS organization, could repair it and make it work the energy system and the motor unit. However, efforts to reproduce them in terrestrial conditions, ended in failure. So there was a UFO and in one instance.

During the 1936 — 1945gg. by extraterrestrial systems developed new body, which has taken the usual features, like for example landing gear, antennas and weapons. 4 apparatus were made conditionally Vril 1-4. The first discs were carrying a machine gun armament, on the last drive Vril-4 judging by the photos was installed tower tank Pz-V Panther.

Interestingly, in the archives of the Third Reich found drawings illustrating the principles of the "twist" of thin physical fields allow you to create some tehnomagicheskih devices. One of the designers tehnomagicheskih devices is eminent scholar Dr. VO Noise. If you believe the testimony, his electrodynamic machines used rapid rotation, not only changed around a framework of time, but hung in the air.


In an interview with the Zurich newspaper «Tageszaiger» («Tagesantsayger") November 19, 1954 Georg Klein zavlyal that flying discs — this is a very secret weapon of the United States and Russia, based on German designs. According to him, in May 1945 in Breslau Russian seized along with numerous engineers on rocketry and unmanned sample disk, built in Peenemunde and controlled radio beam.

According to Klein, by the end of the war, there were two versions of industrial flying disk: pyatimotorny a diameter of about 17 meters, and dvenadtsatimotorny a diameter of about 46 meters. "Flying saucers" could hover motionless in the air, as well as perform complex and unusual maneuvers. Sustainability provides a device arranged on the principle of the gyro. Klein also get a load of that flying saucer, made in Canada by John Frost on the German drawings, developed a speed of 2,400 kilometers per hour and passed inspection of British Field Marshal Montgomery.


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