Great mysteries with Igor Prokopenko. Memoirs of a Geisha watch online

Great mysteries with Igor Prokopenko.  Memoirs of a Geisha watch online
Land of the Rising Sun — Japan, it is not just another country, it is another planetka. Traditions and customs — all new, not out of habit and it is not clear, especially for Europeans. Completely unfamiliar world with its own rules and laws, with its own hierarchy and norms of behavior. And, of course, along with other confusing and even more so privlekatelnom, a special place is occupied by a Geisha. Who are they — these porcelain dolls live in a translucent robes of silk? Dear courtesan or something more?
In the Land of the Rising Sun geisha in throughout the history of its existence have developed a common and accessible rules of art to be beautiful, well-known as the "nine signs of beauty." This applies to parts of the body such as the eyes, mouth, head, hands, feet, and mind, posture, seductive smell and appearance and voice. In the middle of the most difficult symptoms may find that such "spirit. " Geisha, who did everything to perfection, had a special quality or spirit, which was called "Hari". She was stunningly clever, insightful, regardless of their external data, it is warm inner fire and extraordinary sexy appeal even if she was wearing. Both men, in fact, they have not been accessed for carnal entertainment. In the magical world of harmony and perfection of the spiritual man came for a dream …

Sacks and Love

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