Grodno: the issue of street hung Bykov

Member of the Commission of the Grodno city toponymic Vyacheslav Swede believes that the memory of Vasil Bykov, sooner or later be immortalized in the city where he lived much of his life and wrote his famous book.

However, the Commission's decision on the street Bykov is still frozen. Officials refer to "legal aspects", but promised to include the question of the People's Writer of Belarus, in the new edition of the city program "Legacy," which will be adopted in the autumn for the years 2011-15.

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Vyacheslav Swede notes that if they decided to name the new street name for the Neman Vasil Bykov, he remained confident that the city government will fulfill it. On the new built residential street whopper, and three more are under construction, however, the passport facility indicated that they have a specific address — street Popovic, which is next door. Mr. Swede does not consider this as an obstacle, he recalled that while there are no residents or businesses, so it is easy to replace the building address on the mail, you just have to approve the street name — the name of Vasil Bykov.

Says Professor Swede, unfortunately, now from toponymic commission nothing else depends, can only hasten the officials themselves, if they have good will. To go back and ask about the street Bykov does not make sense, can be Only at the next meeting of the Commission toponymic ask why the new name is not approved, and when it will be madeabout.
The professor also believes that the plaque is optionally mounted on a house where once lived Vasil Bykov, as the residents against it. You can do this on the wall of one of the two buildings, which housed the regional newspaper "Grodno truth" in which the writer worked.

Recall that the activists of the "Tell the Truth!" Submitted to the Grodno City Executive Committee for more than seven thousand signatures in support of the street Vasil Bykov.


Street Bykov

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