Gulf monarchies — ram the U.S.

A number of Arab states are becoming a real "battering ram" for the U.S.. In the Libyan war, participated on the side of the Western coalition, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Against Syria are the politicians and religious leaders of the Gulf monarchies.

And the U.S. alliance with the Arab monarchies will be strengthened: according to the New York Times, after the final withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, Washington will strengthen its military presence in the Gulf countries and strengthen military cooperation with them.

Curiously, Washington turns 'pass' comparable secular Western world and dedicated the Ben Ali regime in Tunisia, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. CONTRIBUTE to fall down completely "rukopozhatnogo" Muammar Gaddafi, the former "friend" of Rome and Paris. The next step in Syria, then Iran.

Anglo-Saxons perfectly use the old strategy of "divide and rule" against the Islamic world. They try to harm the country (the regime) who wish to kill two strips of confrontation. Internal, pitting various opposition forces with the government, and foreign, pitting between a country with a past, often one civilization (the Arabs), one religion, worldview, culture and traditions.

In addition, six of which are included in the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia), follow the path of integration. In recent years, these countries are purchasing in the West, first in the United States, a lot of modern weapons by deploying a regional arms race. They pulled Jordan and Morocco.

These states have much in common: a form of government — monarchy, Sunni domination of Islam (often a constructive sense) in the field of economics — at the expense of the existence of hydrocarbons. Their feature — the almost complete absence of democratic rights and freedoms. For example, in Bahrain during the "Arab Spring" protests began people ruthlessly suppressed them, and brought the troops and police from the adjacent Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. West closed his eyes to it. The most oppressed groups — is Shiites and millions of foreign laborers who provide these welfare states.

As yet another "flavor" of this region will be recalled that Kuwait is one of the most recognizable violators of international conventions that forbid slavery. In 2007, the South American State Department included this monarchy into a number of active traffickers.

Although it is clear that without the U.S. Armed Forces Army GCC states, regardless of the weight of the new weapons are very weak and can not withstand the sun Syria or Iran. That's why Washington is going to expand in the region, its military presence. Maybe it will allow Washington to Riyadh and to become a nuclear power, for a complete destabilization of the situation. South American "hawks" need fire from Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Iran to the borders of India, China and Russia (at the turn of the Caucasus and Central Asia). Only the great war as a chain of local and regional conflicts can save the "American empire."

It is clear that the future of the "ram" the U.S. will be sad, the idea of Islam will be done of strongest blow, sweep away the monarchy second or third wave of the global crisis.

Feeble place their armed forces:

— Low-fighting capacity. The most massive armed forces in the middle of the GCC in Saudi Arabia, and they are inferior to the spirit, fighting resistance tribes of Yemen. Army Cooperation Council of Arab Gulf countries — such as the front, they do not want and can not wage war.

— Low level of training of the high command. Over time, significant top military posts in the Gulf countries and for people who are not "soldiers", it is a quiet place for a well-fed careerists, opportunists.

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